Fixed: iCUE Not Detecting Devices [Keyboard, Mouse]

Solving the no device detected in Corsair Utility Engine.

iCUE not detecting devices such as keyboard, mouse motherboard, or CPU cooler!

While using the Corsair gaming keyboard a notification pops up telling you “No Device Detected. Please Connect a Device.”

Unlike iCUE not detecting fans, When you face Corsair iCUE no device detected error, you are also unable to customize the RGB profile of the keyboard.

It may be the compatibility issue between the Corsair device and the iCUE version. Some devices work fine with the latest iCUE version and another works fine with the older ones.

You can check which devices are detected by the iCUE by visiting their support page.

If you are also dealing with the iCUE not detecting devices problem then we have the best solution to fix this error.

Why isn’t iCUE detecting devices

The reasons why iCUE is unable to show devices are numerous, however, after reading forums we conclude that:

  • Incompatibility between device and software.
  • Error in iCUE installation file.
  • Outdated iCUE version.
  • Wrong BIOS switch mode selected on Corsair keyboard.
  • Corrupt iCUE profile.
  • Damages USB port.

How to get icue to detect devices

For iCUE to detect devices you need to make sure that the device is compatible with the software.

For wired Corsair devices plug in the cable in the USB port and open the iCUE, it will automatically detect it.

For Wireless devices i.e. mouse or keyboard, turn on the Bluetooth on the device and open iCUE. Go into settings and click the Initiate button next to USB Wireless Receiver Pairing.

You will see a Pairing Successful message when the device is paired. This is how you add a device in iCUE.

How to fix iCUE not detecting devices error

Where the Corsair iCUE not detecting devices, apply these fixes.

Fix 1. Change USB port

Start with checking your PC’s USB port if the USB port is not working then change it. Also, make sure that your system has 2.0 or 3.0 for the latest devices.

You can also try using the ports at the back of the system in case you are using the front ones.

Fix 2. Hard reboot your keyboard

Corsair keyboard has its rebooting mechanism, in case the iCUE is not detecting the keyboard then reboot it.

Press the Windows + F1 on the keyboard at the same time to do a hard reboot. Now run the Corsair Utility Engine to check if it is detecting the keyboard.

Fix 3. Switch BIOS button on your keyboard

Corsair keyboard has a BIOS switch if the correct BIOS mode is not active, iCUE will not detect it.

Follow these steps:

  • Open iCUE while the peripheral is connected to the correct USB port.
  • Locate the BIOS switch and keep tinkering with it until you stumble upon the right one.

Your keyboard should be able to detect if not then:

  • Disconnected the keyboard and held the ESC key while plugging back in.

Fix 4. Restart iCUE

Sometimes a simple restart can solve not detecting problem. There’s might be some services that aren’t running properly, so it’s best if you close the program and run it afresh.

Make sure to close all the processes in the task manager.

Fix 5. Update iCUE Version

As already explained most Corsair devices require iCUE version 4 to work fine. If you have the outdated version then update it.

Simply visit the iCUE download page and install the latest version.

Fix 6. Disable other related Software & devices

If you have installed the programs like iCUE then you need to disable or uninstall it from your PC.

Sometimes users install third-party tools to manage keyboard settings. Furthermore, programs like MSI Afterburner, or Asus AI Suite 3 can also cause conflict.

You should uninstall these tools from your PC and again reconnect the device to check if iCUE detects it.

Fix 7. Update Device Drivers

Do you think that your Corsair keyboard or mouse drivers are up to date? Most of the time iCUE not detecting devices problem happens when your peripherals have outdated drivers.

The simple easy and painless way to update device drivers is to download Driver Easy or IObit Driver Booster. These tools scan your PC and present you with a list of outdated drivers.

Simply click update and they will automatically update all the device drivers.

Fix 8. Contacting Support

Unfortunately, if the above fixes can’t resolve iCUE not detecting devices problem then there might be a problem with the Corsair keyboard or mouse.

Visit the Corsair support page and choose which device is causing the problem. Scroll down and click on the Contact Us button, fill out all the relevant information to create a ticket.

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