Death Squirrel Boss (Guide) – One Piece Odyssey


There are a lot of Rare Monsters and Bosses that players will get to fight in One Piece Odyssey. These enemies are a lot harder and even bigger in size than the normal enemies of the Mysterious Island. One of the earlier bosses that players will run into is Death Squirrel. Death Squirrel is a mini boss that players will fight. It has a face of a dog but a body of squirrel which makes him a death squirrel.

In this guide, we’ll explain you about the Death Squirrel Boss in One Piece Odyssey.

Death Squirrel Boss Location in One Piece Odyssey

Death Squirrel is a Mini Boss that players will get to face while completing the main quest of the 1st chapter. Players will reach the Lake Shore Cave to retrieve the Lost Powers and when they are about to get the Cube of Strength, they will be engaged by Death Squirrel along with some Bronze Bats and Eisas.

Death Squirrel Boss’s Element Type and Attacks

Death Squirrel is a Power Element Type Boss and all of its attacks deal the Power Damage to the characters. There are two attacks that Death Squirrel will use in the fight.

  1. Attack: Death Squirrel will use his normal POWER Attack to deal damage to the character. The Attack can deal 10 – 30 Damage depending on which character is facing Death Squirrel. Death Squirrel will attack with his Tail to deal damage.
  2. Spinning Crush: Death Squirrel will use his POWER Skill named Spinning Crush to deal damage to the character. It can deal up to 70 Damage depending on which character is facing Death Squirrel. Death Squirrel will spin and attack with his tail multiple times doing the Spinning Crush Attack.  
Attack of Death Squirrel

Characters Recommended for Death Squirrel in One Piece Odyssey

At the time of the Death Squirrel Boss, you will have all the characters unlocked but the one you want to use is POWER Type and SPEED Type characters. Death Squirrel is weakened against the POWER Type Attacks, so you want to use the following characters in the fight.

Luffy and Chopper Attacks will play an impactful role in dealing damage to Death Squirrel while Nami and Sanji will be able to tank the damage given by Death Squirrel and take out rest of the enemies easily.

Death Squirrel Battle Strategy

Since the all the characters have lost their powers, there is only the basic attacks that players will be using on the enemies and Death Squirrel. Make sure to select the characters that can deal more damage and tank more damage to win the fight easily.

Use Attacks of Luffy to defeat Death Squirrel

Go through the Battle Turns until Death Squirrel’s HP is fully depleted.

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