Del Kong Boss (Guide) – One Piece Odyssey

There are a lot of Rare Monsters and Bosses that players will get to fight in One Piece Odyssey. These enemies are a lot harder and even bigger in size than the normal enemies of the Mysterious Island. One of the earlier bosses that players will run into is Del Kong.

In this guide, we’ll explain you about the Del Kong Boss in One Piece Odyssey.  

Del Kong Boss Location in One Piece Odyssey

Del Kong is holding NAMI as a captive in King Kong Garden location of the Mysterious Island. Players can get to the King Kong Garden by going through the cave on the East Side of the South Beach. Players will reach the King Kong Garden as they make their way out of the cave.

Players will have to make their way to Del Kong by following the path with the Red Marker on the Mini-Map.

Del Kong in King Kong Garden Location

Del Kong Boss’s Element Type and Attacks

Del Kong is a Power Element Type Boss and all of its attacks deal the Power Damage to the characters. There are two attacks that Del Kong will use in the fight.

  1. Basic Attack: Del Kong will use the basic Attack that deals around 120 – 130 Damage. Del Kong will strike the ground with his fist to deal damage.
  2. Kong Shock: Del Kong will use the Kong Shock Attack which is a Skill Attack of Power Type. It will deal around 300 – 320 Damage. Del Kong will heavily strike himself on the ground creating an energy wave to deal damage.
Del Kong doing Kong Shock Atatck

Characters Recommended for Del Kong in One Piece Odyssey

At the time of the boss fight, you will have almost all the characters except Brook but you need to choose the following characters to fight Del Kong due to major advantages.

  • Luffy
  • Zoro
  • Namii
  • Robin

All four of these characters’ Skills will be able to take down the small Enemies as well as Del Kong pretty easily.

Del Kong Battle Strategy

Every Battle can be fought with a different strategy but since there will be a Dramatic Scene during the fight, you can follow these steps to defeat Del Kong.

  • At the start of the Battle, a Dramatic Scene will start win which Nami will be low on HP. You need to select the Potent Energy Apple from the Items and apply it on Nami to heal her.
  • After that, use Luffy to take out the Eisas and Heisas (Enemies) by using his Gear 2 Skills.
  • Use Nami Thunderbolt Tempo Skill to strike a Lightning Attack and Paralyzing Del Kong.
  • Use Zoro Rashomon Skill to strike a Technique Attack which will deal Bleed Damage to Del Kong.
Use Rashomon Skill of Zoro

Go through the Battle Turns until Del Kong’s HP is fully depleted.

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