Fire Colossus Boss (Guide) – One Piece Odyssey

There are a lot of Rare Monsters and Bosses that players will get to fight in One Piece Odyssey. These enemies are a lot harder and even bigger in size than the normal enemies of the Mysterious Island. One of the earlier bosses that players will run into is Fire Colossus.

In this guide, we’ll explain you about the Fire Colossus Boss in One Piece Odyssey. 

Fire Colossus Boss Location in One Piece Odyssey

Fire Colossus will be a random boss that players will run into while going through the South Forest location. Players can get to south Forest location once they have unlocked Zoro by rescuing Nami from the Beast.

Fire Colossus Boss Location

Fire Colossus Boss’s Element Type and Attacks

Fire Colossus is a Power Element Type Boss, and all of its attacks deal the Power damage as well as Fire Damage. There are two attacks that Fire Colossus will use in the fight.

  1. Solar Heat Wave: Fire Colossus will use Solar Heat Wave Attack that deals around 230 Damage to the characters. Fire Colossus will shoot a Fire Beam in a straight line that explodes at the intact to deal damage.
  2. Burning Truth: Fire Colossus will use Burning Truth Attack that deals around 150 Damage to the characters. Fire Colossus will slam his Burning Torch to the ground to make a ground slam to deal damage.
Burning Truth Attack of Fiire Colossus

Characters Recommended for Fire Colossus in One Piece Odyssey

At the time of the Fire Colossus Boss, you will have all the characters unlocked but the one you want to use is Technique Type and Battle Type characters. Fire Colossus is weakened against the Technique Type Attacks, so you want to use the following characters in the fight.

  • Luffy
  • Zoro
  • Robin
  • Chopper

Zoro’s and Robin’s Skills will play an impactful role in dealing damage to Fire Colossus while Luffy and Chopper will be able to tank the damage given by Fire Colossus.

Fire Colossus Battle Strategy

One of the efficient strategies to defeat Fire Colossus is through the following steps.

  • You need to use Zoro Skill Rashomon and Robin Skill Ochenta Fleurs Cuatro Mano Shock. Both of these skills will deal a great amount of damage to Fire Colossus.
  • You can use Gum-Gum Bazooka Skill of Luffy to deal a decent amount of damage as well.
  • If any character gets low on HP during the Battle, you can use Resurrection Skill of Chopper to heal them.
Using Rashomon Skill against Fire Colossus

Go through the Battle Turns until Fire Colossus’s HP is fully depleted.

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