How to change Outfits of the Characters in One Piece Odyssey

Players will get to play with 9 different characters in One Piece Odyssey and seeing all of them in a single outfit throughout the gameplay can become boring. However, One Piece Odyssey does have a system to change the outfits of the characters.  

Players will get different outfits as they progress through the main story of the game and then players can change the outfits by setting up a Camp or going into a Tavern.

In this guide, we’ll explain how to change outfits of the characters in One Piece Odyssey.

Change Outfits in a Camp in One Piece Odyssey

Once players have earned some outfits of the characters and unlocked the camping mechanic of the game. They will be able to change the outfits of the characters by setting up a camp. Once players have started the camping, they can change the outfit by the following steps.

  • Go to the Blue Tent and interact with it to open the Change Outfit Screen.
  • All the Outfits of the characters you currently have will be shown in the list. The outfits that characters are currently wearing will be showing the names of the characters.
  • Go through the list of the outfits and select the outfit you want to change and then press the X button to confirm it. The Outfit will be worn by the specific character as all the characters have their specific outfits.
  • After changing the outfit of the character, you will also see an overview of the character on the screen and you can change the view of the character by moving the Left Stick.
select the outfits of the characters from the list

Change Outfits in a Tavern in One Piece Odyssey

Taverns a little bit late in the game than the camps but if the camp is not near you then you can also go to a Tavern to change the Outfits of the characters. Taverns are shops that can be found in different towns and areas on the Island. To change the clothes inside a Tavern, follow the following steps.

  • Go to the counter and select the “Change Outfits” option to open the Change Outfit screen.

Rest of the steps are same as changing the outfits in a camp. Just select the outfits for the characters you want and they will change the outfit.

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