What Are Save Points in One Piece Odyssey

One Piece Odyssey has an Autosave as well as Manual Save Mechanic but most players will get confused about Manual Saving because there is no Save Game option in the main menu of the game. However, One Piece Odyssey has a Manual Save Point within the actual game that people can go to and save their progress.

The manual Save Point is a Small Colossus which is like a Greek Statue that can be found almost everywhere on the Mysterious Island.

In this guide, we’ll explain what are Save Points in One Piece Odyssey.

Use of Save Points in One Piece Odyssey

Save Points are the small Colossuses spread across the Mysterious Island which are mainly used for saving the current progression of the player in the game. The game itself uses an Autosave mechanic to save the game when the players have completed a quest or an objective or gone through a certain cutscene. Since these cutscenes are very limited in the story so the game will not be saved very frequently.

So, it is recommended to the players to save the game as frequently as possible to not lose an item upon dying or lose progress after the autosave. If you die 30 minutes after an autosave, your collected items, materials, and progression will be lost and you will have to play from the autosave location again.

How to use Save Point in One Piece Odyssey

The Save Points can be recognized very easily due to the glowing of the Colossuses. Players can save the current progress of the game by interacting with the Colossus.

Use Save Point to Save the Current Progression and Heal your characters

Interacting with the Colossus will save the current progress as well as it will heal all of the characters so, it can be used for a couple of benefits as well. 

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