How to Cook Scorpion and Clam Soup in One Piece Odyssey

One Piece Odyssey is an action-adventure game with a lot of different mechanics that players will get to use while making progress in the main story of the game. One of the main mechanics of the game is cooking which is unlocked in the 2nd chapter of the game. To unlock the Cooking, players will have to cook a Scorpion and Clam Soup for the Cook in Spice Beans Tavern in Nanohana Desert Town. It is one of the main quests of the game that players will have to complete to progress in the 2nd chapter of the game.

In this guide, we’ll explain how to cook Scorpion and Clam Soup in One Piece Odyssey.

Reach Spice Beans Tavern in Nanohana Town in One Piece Odyssey

As the second chapter starts, players will reach the Great Sandy Desert and go to Nanohana Town for some food and water. Before you go straight to the Town, make sure to collect the Sandy Shells from the Beach where your Ship is docked. It will be used in the making of Scorpion and Clam Soup.

Go to the Town and reach the center of the town and you will get to the Spice Beans Tavern. You will get to talk to the Cook to get some food and water but he will only give you in one condition if you make him a Scorpion and Clam Soup.

Gather Ingredients for Scorpion and Clam Soup

After talking to the Cook, you need to gather the following ingredients for the Scorpion and Clam Soup.

  • 1 Scorpion Leg
  • 1 Sandy Shell

Sandy Shell is a fish-type ingredient that can only be found on the beach. If you haven’t picked up early in the chapter, you will have to go back all the way to the beach to get it. It is better to pick it at the start of the chapter.

Scorpion Leg can only be obtained by defeating the Scorpion Monster in the Desert. You need to go to the west side of the town to reach a cave that leads to the desert. Once you are in the desert, you need to engage with a scorpion to start the battle. Scorpions are POWER Type enemies and they POISON ailment attacks. To defeat them quickly, use the POWER and BURN Skill Attacks of Sanji along with Zoro’s TECHNIQUE and BLEED Skill Attacks.

defeat scorpion enemies to get scorpion leg

After defeating the Scorpions in the battle, you will get Scorpion Leg in your inventory.

Cook Scorpion and Clam Soup in One Piece Odyssey

Once you have all the ingredients, go back to the Town and into the Spice Beans Tavern. Talk to the shopkeeper and follow the following steps to cook the Scorpion and Clam Soup.

  • Select the Craft Option.
  • Select the Cook Food Option.
  • Search the Recipe List for Scorpion and Clam Soup and select the recipe.
  • Set the quantity of Scorpion and Clam Soup to 1 and then confirm it by pressing the X button.
cook scorpion and clam soup at Tavern

After cooking the Scorpion and Clam Soup, it will be stored in your inventory. Go to the cook and interact with him to give him the Scorpion and Clam Soup. He will agree on giving you food and water and the quest will be completed.

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