How to Find Energy Apple in One Piece Odyssey


Energy apple is a healing item in One Piece Odessy. You can use this item on any character. Once used this Energy Apple gives you a 500 HP boost. It’s resourceful items to gain instant Vitality while fighting enemies.

If you have already found Energy Apple then you can use it by accessing Inventory > Items. Find it under the useable items.

If you are new to this game then this guide will help you find the Energy Apple in One Piece Odessy.

How to get Energy Apple in One Piece Odyssey

Energy Apple is a shining item that you will stumble upon while traveling around the map. The very first time when you will get this healing item is near the temple at the beginning of the game.


Below are the locations where you can easily find Energy Apple:

  • The most common way to get Energy Apple is from the Ground. Look for the Shining Items on the Ground and pick them up to get Energy Apple.
  • Another Way to Get Energy Apples is by breaking the Pots, Boxes, and Barrels. You can find these objects in different places across Mysterious Island.
  • You can also get Energy Apple as a reward for defeating the Enemies in the Battle or completing quests.

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