How to Unlock Materia Fusion in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 – Reunion

Materia is a very important aspect for combat as it allows you to hold different Magic, status buffs, and move sets but in the new Crisis Core: Final Fantasy – Reunion, there are also other mechanics added to the game that will let players to strengthen their Materia. It can only be done with a mechanic named Materia Fusion that players will have to unlock to use it.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how you can unlock Materia Fusion in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy – Reunion.

Unlocking Materia Fusion

Materia Fusion is not an optional mechanic of the game so the players will unlock at a specific point in the game. For the players, who were wondering when they will get to use the Materia Fusion to make a powerful Materia, they will have to progress through the main story of the game and reach Chapter 3: Monster. They will have to play through the story mission and before going into the Director’s room, you do want to explore some areas to get your hands on valuable items.

Promote to 1st Class

You can talk to the man on top of the stairs by the fountain to unlock a new mission that will reward you with Poison Materia. You can go to the LOVELESS Avenue and you will find a lady to get another small mission. Completing it will get you the Fire Amulet. These missions will let you have earned more EXP and then make your way to the Director’s Room to get promoted to 1st Class. After being Promoted, Zack will be able to equip Six Materia. You can equip different sorts of Materia to get different sorts of Magic and Status Buffs for the Battles.

This will also unlock the new mechanic named “Materia Fusion” which will let Zack to create a new powerful Materia by combining the two different or same Materia. The Materia Fusion tutorial will be given to you by the Researcher but if you have skipped through it then worry not because you can still check it from going into the main menu. Zack’s outfit will also change at this point of the game and he will be wearing his black outfit. The Materia Fusion can be seen in the Main Menu under the Materia Tab. Accessing it will allow Zack to select two Materia from the inventory to make a new powerful Materia.

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