What are Dramatic Scenes in One Piece Odyssey

One Piece Odyssey is an Action-Adventure game in which players get to fight different kinds of monsters on the Mysterious Island. Players will be able to play with the characters of a Pirate group called “Straw Hat Pirates”.

The turn base battling mechanic of One Piece Odyssey also has a Dramatic Scene in it which is totally random. It will occur in a random situation and it will debuff a stat of one of your characters in the battle. Players will have to win the battle with or without that character.

In this guide, we’ll tell you what are Dramatic Scenes in One Piece Odyssey.

What are the Dramatic Scenes in Battle in One Piece Odyssey

A Dramatic Scene occurs when one of your characters gets a debuff of a stat from the enemies. It could be at the beginning of the fight or during the fight. It will occur randomly and players will have to win the fight with or without the character who got debuff. The enemies will group up around the character who got debuff which will increase the ATK stat of the enemy or DEF stat of the enemy.

If the ATK Stat of the enemy is increased then players will also deal more damage to enemies but only in the area where the enemies grouped up. So, you will have to push forward by attacking a skill attack at the enemy to deal more damage in the rest of the battle turns. Striking Skill Attacks by each character will increase the chances of winning the battle and the Dramatic Scene.

Usopp Paralyzed in Dramatic Scene

Rewards of Winning the Dramatic Scene

Dramatic Scenes can be won by keeping the character alive who got debuff. If the character got a debuff of HP then you can heal the character to keep his HP up. If the character is Paralyzed then you can give him an item that increases the DEF stat so the debuff character can take less damage from the enemies.

There are several ways to keep your debuffed character alive. If you win the battle without letting the character die then you will also win the Dramatic Scene of the fight which will reward you as an extra EXP or an item.

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