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Cốc Cốc
Dec 23, 2023
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Côc Côc Browser is a free web browser that lets its users surf the web in an efficient way. The Browser is designed to provide you better online shopping experience and quicker downloads with plenty of additional tools at the cost of slow performance and ads.

Download COC COC Browser with Modern Design 2024

The overall layout of Côc Côc Browser is user-friendly with a clean interface and easy navigation. Being a Chromium Browser the interface is very similar to Google’s Chrome.

Chrome users won’t find any hassle between switching browsers due to the already familiar layout. The browser is also customizable to an extent where users can personalize it according to their needs.

Easier Downloading

The main reason why users get attracted to Côc Côc Browser is due to its built-in IDM (download tool). The Browser’s main page has the download tool known as Savior.

When added to Côc Côc Browser, Savior will automatically all the media on your opened web pages. Savior will give you a download link or you can directly download the media.

Automatic downloading can also be downloaded. The downside of Savior is that it is not able to download videos with a resolution higher than 720p.

Additional Tools

  • Integrated QR reader: The integrated QR reader is present in the settings where users can open the camera after tapping the QR icon. Users get redirected to the QR link after the camera recognizes the specific code.
  • Check Spelling: Being a Vietnamese Browser, Côc Côc Browser automatically adds Vietnamese tones and checks spellings.
  • Dictionary: As we have seen this important and time-saving feature getting more common, Côc Côc Browser will show you the meaning of a word after you double click on it. It supports Chinese words along with English ones.
  • Convert Currency: You can have any currency converted to VND instantly.\
  • Send files to mobile: You won’t have to worry using additional software tools or even hardware ones for sending your files from Desktop to your Mobile. Côc Côc Browser makes file transfer a simple process.

Browsers are moving towards ad-free culture and Côc Côc Browser seems to not follow the user’s interest over their profits. Generally, with additional tools and faster speeds, the browser is good to use.