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Cent Studio
Dec 31, 2022
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A feature-rich chromium web browser

Cent Browser is an open-source Chromium-based project. Having the same foundation as Google Chrome but offers a set of unique features. The Cent Browser for Windows has an enhanced web browser based on chromium with many added features like scrollable tabs bar, Mouse Gesture, Auto-hide bookmark bar, incognito tab, boss key, etc.

Cent Browser Download the latest offline installer version 5.0.1002.295 chromium build (Chromium  102.0.5005.167) for windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, for 32/64 Bit OS. Cent Browser Portable version and old versions are also available.

Cent Browser for Windows

Cent Browser for windows has a neat and user-friendly interface to enjoy unlimited safe and fast internet browsing. As CentBrowser has based upon the Chromium project, you can expect all the advanced and reliable functions of Firefox and Opera.

What makes it unique from other popular web browsers is its advanced functions. A unique Mouse gestures feature allows users to perform actions like opening downloads, switching to full-screen mode, reloading a webpage, viewing history, and managing extensions.

To execute an action through Mouse Gestures, hold on to the right-click button of your mouse and then move it according to the command you want to issue. Opening a new link will require you to click and drag.

Alternative browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, Cent also allow users to select and apply different browser themes, add extensions, and go incognito.

It allows users to access popular extensions listed on the official website like AdBlock PlusGoogle Translate, and LastPass.

When you switch to incognito mode, the Browser will open a new window each time. The search engine used in the address bar is set to Cent by default.

Super Drag

Drag something by the left mouse button to copy/open/search immediately. Memory Optimization
Enable lazy session loading and automatic memory optimization to reduce memory consumption.
Private Tab
Log in to multiple accounts same time using it in incognito mode.
Scrollable Tab Bar
Set minimum tab width to avoid tabs becoming too small.
Privacy Protection
Protect your privacy to the fullest extent and provides options to block online trackers.
Highly Customizable
Fully customizable can make it fit your need.

Cent Browser Latest Version 5.0.1002.295 Update

Upgraded to Chromium 102.0.5005.167
Refactored multi-login tab to support persistence
Added blur tool to screenshot tool
Allowed editing save path directly in download dialog
Added feature: Reload unpacked extensions
Added feature: Right click to delete autofill entries
Added option: Overwrite files with the same name by default when downloading
Added menu item: Open URL in new multi-login tab
Added shortcut key customization such as toggling cursor browsing mode
Multi-column bookmarks are changed to full width scrolling
Screenshot shortcut keys are registered as global hotkeys
The taskbar icons of the portable version and the installed version are no longer merged
[Bug fixes] When the tab hover card is displayed, the tab cannot be closed using double click
[Bug fixes] After the video element in the video popup window is deleted, the web page displays abnormally
[Bug fixes] Multi-column bookmarks display wrongly under Windows 11
[Bug fixes] Download bubble window has no rounded corners
[Bug fixes] Tab in collapsed tab group is not selectable using tab list menu
[Bug fixes] Video popup window may appear outside of the screen
[Bug fixes] Possible crash when closing App windows
[Bug fixes] Possible failure of cleaning up temporary files when the installer exits.