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Google Chrome Browser For Windows

Grab the latest Google Chrome browser for Windows XP/vista/7/8/10

Google chrome is the world’s #1 web browser developed by Google. It is the main alternative to Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Google chrome is a lightweight browser application which opens web application fast & with no hassle.

Google Chorme download browser offline installer

Google Chrome 64 Bit Download

Being lightweight and takes fewer system resources chrome browser can run complex web applications like angry birds games online on remote desktop. Google chrome supports HTML 5 and Flash. Google Chrome web browser is designed to be an operating system within an operating system. Google chrome web browser can be customized through chrome themes and google chrome extensions.

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There are thousands of themes and extensions are available for free download. You can also create it your own. Supports multiple users on single computer. It is fastest web browser available on market, it’s usability is the quick start page. If you wish to remove browsing data go to Tools menu open he advanced panel, Click clear Browsing data button.

When it comes to comparative speed no other browser stands his equal. In fact, speed improves with each version. You can view PDF files in its own viewer. You don’t need to install PDF reader or any other PDF program which allow you to read PDF file. Google Chrome does it for you.

Google always takes cares when it comes to security, it filters pages that have virus or threats so that you will remain protected always. Above all google chrome has attractive design, great speed and other customization options which makes it market leader. Google Chrome download manager gives you full speed, you don’t need to install download accelerator for downloading big files from internet.

Google Chrome 64 bit latest full version free download for windows 7/8/10. Get google chrome offline installer installer setup direct high speed download link of Google Chrome 64bit PC.

Google’s RAM hogging browser is one of the most famous and most used browsers on every platform. The recent developments have made it more user-friendly. With thousands of extensions and themes, better security and exceptional performance, users seem to ignore other basic necessities of a browser.


The browser aims to increase your productivity, by doing your tasks fast. Chrome takes the responsibility of doing all your tasks quickly. Using the same account and the same browser will keep all your browsing data updates all along. All you have to do is to turn on the sync in Google Chrome. Bookmarks, history, and other settings are synced to your account and can be detected in real-time. It now comes with a built-in dark mode as well that is the trend being followed by every application.

Chrome Web Store

The chrome web store with endless extensions and themes from Google itself, and other contributors as well. You can have free extensions and themes on the website as well. Add a theme that best suits you to make your browser your own.

Adding any extension or themes is done very simply in a single click. Chrome is also easy to cast, so whatever you do on it can be cast on your big screen as well. You can get VPN for Google Chrome as well, and different ad blocking extensions as well.


With Google Chrome, security risk from 3rd party software and other malware have been reduced to a great extent. You don’t need to waste your precious time worrying about your security or even solving them on your own. Google aims for its customers to have peace of mind, and security is one major aspect. The newest technology built-in to chrome avoids dangerous websites. Warnings are generated by Chrome on deceptive websites that trick to obtain your passwords.

Within 6 weeks, Chrome will auto-update so that you are up to date with the latest fixes and security features. Bugs that are more alarming, a 24 hour time period is given that will fix such security bugs. They claim to be the most secure browser in the world but a secure browser will never leave more than 75% of malware that isn’t a small number too.

Google smarts

All the tools that make you love Google are part of the Chrome experience. These smart tools make the experience truly better as they save lots of time. Google Translate, one of the user’s favorite tools regardless of your location, or the type of website. It will translate it in a single click. The translation is pretty accurate for some languages, but for some, it does nothing better. The translation box is automatically prompted.

Block Ads

For those who wonder how to stop ads on google chrome? Every Browser is trying to eliminate annoying ads and making web clutter-free. Annoying and malicious ads are blocked on Google Chrome, in addition to the reduction of auto-playing videos, and count downs. The sync feature also lets you access your Google Drive, and all the data from important online tools like Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets is also accessible.

Room for Improvement

Chrome maybe one of the best and most downloaded web browsers. It really is in the hands of tough competition. To be the number 1 web browser, it needs to excel in all ways and there are many aspects that a modern user expects from a web browser. The competition is listening to the audience and having happy users.

With improvements in the latest versions of Chrome’s advanced technologies like site isolation, sandboxing, predictive phishing protection, and etc, users can hope to get a truly secure and memory-efficient Chrome finally!

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