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Aug 02, 2019
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Safari browser is Apple’s very own web browser is designed to simplify and make internet browsing a joy. Even though sophisticated elements are used, the interface is kept easy to use.

Safari represents a simple and minimal interface. You get fast and secure browsing in the Safari web browser.

Download Safari Browser latest version 5.1.7 for Windows & Mac v 5.1.10 PC. This offline installer setup of Safari Browser works with 32-bit or 64-bit versions of Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP & MacOS.

Safari Browser Free Download and Software Reviews 2024

There’s more browsing space due to the intelligent design Safari inhibits. Safari for Windows has all of its emphasis on delivering a quality browsing experience to its users. Minimalistic elements include:

  • A scroll bar that’s only visible when needed.
  • A progress indicator beside the status bar.
  • Single pixel wide browser frame.

Energy Efficient

Safari lets you browse longer and watch more. As Safari is optimized specifically for Mac, it’s the most efficient browser on macOS. Safari also plays HTML500 video. You can get up to four hours extra browsing time, while two hours longer to stream videos.

A Quick Browser

One of the fastest browsers in the world, Safari doesn’t let you wait for the page to load. Safari lets you get your search results instantaneously.

Safari is a fast and energy-efficient web browser for macOS and iOS devices developed by Apple based on the WebKit engine. It has a built-in privacy feature and works with iCloud to let you browse seamlessly across all your devices.

It also saves your time by helping you visit the sites again you visited in the past. It’s quite hard to remember exactly the results you want. If you remember even the slightest of the details that are related to your specific search, you can reach your required webpage.

The speed is faster than browsers like Firefox and  Chrome and remains the fastest browser on any platform.

iCloud Keychain

Safari lets you surf seamlessly across all your devices. The iCloud Keychain securely stores every user’s data that includes their user names, passwords, and credit card numbers and keeps them up to date on their trusted devices.

Easily and Securely sign in to your favorite websites and quickly make online purchases from any device. You can personalize your experience for each website by keeping custom settings like page zoom level, location services, and content blockers. So each website appears just how you like it.

Additional Improved Features:

  • Easy Bookmarks: Apple users would be familiar with the music organizing technique followed in iTunes. Similarly, you can organize your bookmarks in Safari browser as well.
  • Pop-up Blocking: We all are irritated by those unnecessary pop-ups that will no longer be visible.
  • Find: The typical search tool you find in every browser.
  • Tabbed Browsing: A single window lets you open and switches between multiple windows.
  • Forms AutoFill: Automatically and securely fill your saved forms data to save your time.
  • RSSBuilt-in RSS: Whenever content is updated on your favorite sites, RSS informs you.
  • Private Browsing: Built-in tool to not save your browsing data in your browser.
  • Security: The latest version is the most secure version yet.
  • Stop auto-play Videos: Many websites play their video content automatically. Safari stops such websites to automatically play videos. Instead, a play button is required to be clicked.
  • AirPlay web video. Play video from a web page to your TV with Apple TV
  • Share menu. Share anything you come across on the web without leaving Safari.

Safari Web Browser’s Latest Version updates

  • Improve JavaScript performance up to 13% over Safari 5.1
  • Address issues that could cause hangs and excessive memory usage
  • Improve stability when using Find, dragging tabs, and managing extensions
  • Improve stability for and other websites that use the Silverlight plug-in
  • Address an issue that could prevent East Asian character input into webpages with Flash content
  • Address an issue that could cause History items to appear incorrectly
  • Improve printing from Safari
  • Address an issue that could prevent the Google Safe Browsing Service from updating

Note: Safari for Windows Support has ended and the last version provided by Apple is v5.7.

The browser is available for all the platforms Desktop (Windows 7,8,10/Mac) and iOS as well. The current update is better than all older versions of Safari.

Safari’s old version free download for Windows 7 Ultimate/XP/Vista is soon to be outdated and can’t support the new features coming.

Safari Browser Latest Version Update

Updated to version 5.1.7 on Aug 02, 2019