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Fast, private, and secure web browser for PC, Mac, and mobile
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Dec 2, 2022
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Fast, private, and secure web browser for PC, Mac, and mobile

Brave, a free Open Source Web Browser has a high emphasis on Security and Performance. With a minimalist, modern design Brave Web Browser offers high speeds, blocks ads, and gives you rewards in return.

Enjoy the same high performance on your mobile phone as well through the play store, app store, or Amazon.

Download the Brave browser’s latest version for Windows PC. This is Brave offline installer setup and will work for 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows Vista, and Windows XP operating systems.

Download Brave – Secure Web Browser for Windows 7 & 10 PC

Brave’s prime focus is to deliver security. It has additional firewall security whose main purpose is to protect the user. Users are protected from modern online threats such as malware, and tracking algorithms.

Unlike other companies, brave doesn’t retain any information on their servers that is attained through their user’s activities. This will also ensure that third parties don’t get access to your data.

Brave will block anything that seems to threaten your security making you worry-free as far as your online security is concerned. A few of the steps that the utilities and tools take are:

  • For additional security, Brave will upgrade the user’s existing connection automatically to the HTPPS  protocol.
  • Plug-ins that seem to violate any security are stopped to function.
  • Harmful advertising (Ads that install unwanted software/malware) is blocked.
  • Tracking cookies are also blocked by Brave.
  • Extensions that Brave supports include WebTorrent, PDF JS, and Bitwarden.

Is Brave faster than Chrome?

Brave Browser can browse up to 8 times faster than Google Chrome and Safari. In addition to security, the key advantage of Brave is its impressive page load times. Brave claims to have improved speed up to 3x on PC-based Web Browser.

Browse Fast & Earn Rewards

Micro-payments are supported on Brave. Blockchain-based tokens are awarded to users that the users can further use to support their favorite content creators. Setting up your account is a simple process and awarding creators is an even simpler process.

User-friendly Navigation

The platform is kept simple and easy to use with a compact layout. All the features are one or two clicks away from the homepage.

The built-in ad-blocker that’s activated by default can be turned off by a click on the Lion’s Head in the search bar. Similarly, the BAT rewards can be accessed with a single click as well.

Users can open private tabs, in addition to Tor windows. The UI is very similar to how users can relate it to Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge. To get insights into the browser’s performance,  a “shield icon” is present.

It displays important metrics that include a number of advertisements and scripts that have been blocked by Brave.

Easily Customizable

Brave gives its user’s liberty to customize their browser according to their own taste. Users can switch between light and dark modes, or let the browser automatically identify according to the Windows theme.

The toolbar can be customized letting users add/remove buttons(home, Brave rewards). Brave users can also opt for a wide search bar, bookmarks bar, font size, and font type.


As Brave is a Chromium-based web browser, all extensions on the chrome web store can be added to your brave browser.

Similarly, users can also add from the thousands of excellent themes available published by Chrome and sorted as well.

Developer mode is also provided where users are able to update, load unpacked, or pack extensions as well. 3 extensions are provided by default in the browser that are:

  • WebTorrent: The extension display torrents (torrent files/magnet links) directly in the browser by using WebTorrent.
  • Hangouts: Users can share screens and other features in the browser by using Hangout Components.
  • IPFS Companion: To understand IPFS in a single line, it behaves similarly to a torrent. A torrent lets users receive content, but IPFS will let them host the content as well.

The first two are enabled by default as IPFS is still not popular among common users.


A Tor tab works with a higher level of anonymity as Brave now can’t connect directly to the website the user is visiting. Instead, it works the way the Tor browser operates.

The volunteer-run Tor network can be understood as 3 computers being involved between every web request.

Anonymity is maintained through this chain where one computer works for the incoming connection, and one for the going, while these 2 are unable to connect directly.

The intermediate computer allows this anonymity to be maintained.

  • Browser performance

With Tor, it’s possible for users to experience a slow connection. This is due to the involvement of a lot of relays for each respective request which makes the connection bound to slow down. Users can also be asked to prove themselves as humans too.

  • Anonymity – Not Guaranteed

Tor protects you and your requests for anonymity and it seems no one is able to track them. Employers can only know you have requested a Tor network besides knowing the actual request. This being said, you’re still not fully anonymous.

Tor/Brave can’t guarantee that your device is being monitored. Your employer can keep a track of what you do on your computer even if you use the Private Tor Window. Pre-installed monitors on devices can’t guarantee your anonymity.

Is Brave to Safe?

Brave is one of the safest, and quickest browsers available. Memory Usage, ad-blockers, modern design, and the BAT funds add to its perks.

The page load speeds are phenomenal, and being open source developers can contribute and help build a secure Web Browser.

Password integration and support for Linux, Android, and iOS versions are added in the latest version of Brave Browser.

Is the Brave browser free?

The browser is available for all the platforms Desktop (Windows 7,8,10/Mac/Linux), iOS, and Android as well. The current update is better than all older versions of Brave.

Brave old version free download for Windows 7 Ultimate/XP/Vista is soon to be outdated and can’t support the new features coming.

Brave Latest Version 1.48.158 Update

Upgraded Chromium to 108.0.5359.94. (#27130) (Changelog for 108.0.5359.94)