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Avast Secure Browser Free Download For Windows

Secure, private and easy to use

Avast Secure Browser is not only one of the most secure and quick browser, but also offers additional useful features. The free chromium based internet web browser is built to work along with Avast’s other products. It works independently as well.Being a new browser, Avast Secure Browser is making space slowly in user’s devices. It’s the first browser in the world with a built-in Security & Privacy Center. It currently supports Windows only with support for Windows 7/8/8.1/10. The browser’s creators have their main focus on the two key areas:


One of the main reasons Avast Secure browser brands itself as a better browser is due to the improved page load speeds. It has fastened the browsing process up to 4x than Firefox and Chrome. As there’s no one who doesn’t love fast browsing experience, Avast Secure Browser had to block elements to quicken their page load time. Adding Security and Privacy features usually slows down the browser due to extra scripts and elements.

These quick speeds are not achieved always but only on those websites that are heavy on resources such as ads or flash elements. Although, there’s rarely a webpage that comes without ads. Avast Secure Browser comes pre-installed with:

  • Adblock – By default browser has installed and enabled the popular extension for blocking all website ads.
  • Flash Blocker – Automatically blocks any Flash technology from running. Flash is outdated, slow and vulnerable.

Privacy & Security

With Avast’s secure browser, your privacy and security is maintained. The built-in privacy features ensure that you are not tracked. In addition to securing your messaging and browsing, users are also made secure and prevented from identity theft, malware and phishing scams. The higher levels of security comes through many built-in features. Interesting features that users get with Avast Secure Browser are:

  • Anti-Fingerprinting – Real information such as extensions and versions of browser is hidden to prevent anyone from identifying you or tracking you.
  • Anti-Phishing – Dangerous websites and files are blocked by the browser before the user’s visits.
  • Anti-Tracking – Websites are not let to collect information about your visit by default through Do Not Track settings.
  • Bank Mode – People who usually purchase from online stores or access their personal financial information like their bank accounts. To reduce the chances of identity theft bank mode is a suitable safe option.
  • Extension Guard – Users many times download extension that are malicious but tend to look authentic through their images or descriptions. Extension Guard lets you install the trusted ones.
  • HTTPS Encryption – Websites are forced to use only HTTPS encryption. A site without their own SSL certificate won’t get helped in such sort of a situation.
  • Password Manager – There is a pre-installed Avast Passwords Manager or users can select any from their installed password managers.
  • Privacy Cleaner – A common feature with a glittery name. Privacy Cleaner clears cache and browsing history.
  • Stealth Mode – As the name suggests, but it makes it look more secure. It simply means to open your private browsing mode, commonly known as the incognito mode in modern browsers.

A Highly Automated and User-Friendly Interface

Avast web browsers are known for their extremely intuitive UI (user interface). For example, the AdBlock extension is installed by default, which helps you avoid any third-party advertisements and similarly disruptive material. Anti-tracking settings are also present which stop websites from collecting personal data or tracking your movements. Extension Guard is another unique feature which helps stops you from installing malicious and unwanted browser extensions. The browser itself is configured to create a sense of familiarity along with the confidence of more security and privacy controls under the hood. Some refer to the real benefit of Avast Secure Browser as Chrome Plus. If you like Google Chrome, you will love Avast Secure Browser.

Avast Secure Browser


Avast Secure Browser
Free Download For Windows

🛡️ Safe & Secure

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