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BriskBard Download For Windows 10

The power of 10 applications in 1 to make your Internet experience easier and more productive

BriskBard is a new chromium-based web-browser with added modifications. Currently, BriskBard supports Windows and performs all the functions that we expect from a normal browser. Developers have worked hard in minimizing the memory load, making it a fast browser with added functionalities.

The browser packs in 10 important features into a single software. These features are email client, ping tester, instant messaging, address book, FTP service, media player, news aggregator, contact manager and advanced services like telnet, etc.

Memory Usage

I have already talked about the optimized memory consumption along with the extra speed it comes makes BriskBard a competitive browser. Browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox still consume a large portion of your memory leading to overheating and lagging of devices. I compared with many other browsers and found BriskBard neck to neck in terms of speed with Firefox, and memory usage with Opera.

Although these browsers offer many other functionalities that BriskBard still hasn’t incorporated, Users will be happy with the speed and optimized consumption of memory. This doesn’t mean that all BriskBard has to offer is fast speed and better memory consumption, it comes along with 10 strong tools that are beneficial for a tech-related, but a non-tech person will be equally benefited.

Information for nerds:

BriskBard is a very light-weight browser and its exceptional performance is possible because of the two types of web browser rendering engine: IE engine & BriskBard engine, which is still not a common feature. Data is stored in a SQLite database and the secure connections are made thanks to OpenSSL with the certificates stored by the operating system making the browser secure and fast.


All these features boost productivity saving lots of time and leads to the hassle-free browsing experience. A browser that functions fast being the top priority has made the modern user expect more features as well. BriskBard tries to fulfill their expectations by providing them several useful features like the email client will manage your emails as done on your phone. The email client has a bunch of features that make your experience great like spell checker, automatic labeling, on-screen notifications and many more.

For developers, it is even more fruitful with useful tools like telnet services, whois search and Domain’s name resolution information. FTP service enables quick transfer of files with quick and free access to FTP servers, and instant messaging to keep you connected with your friends with no delays.


Having a tabbed interface, and functions like duplication of tabs, users can change the colors of tabs to quickly identify your go-to tab that eventually saves time and users like me to forget what tab I was searching for in the process of searching it. The web browser is available in Spanish and French as well along with English. Users get the liberty to customize the visual elements and make it suit according to their taste.

Room for Improvement

BriskBard has some excellent features. Being a new entrant, it’s doing well to keep up with what it has provided. On the other hand, there are some features that have become a must-have for browsers as users seek them in every browser. Features like a built-in ad blocker and VPN support is clearly missing in the latest update. All the top tier browsers are accompanied with these 2 features and help in increasing productivity.

The UI elements are minimalist and easy to use but there is still room for improvement as some text and icons need to be be made more visible as it takes a little time for the users to adapt. The learning curve needs to be eliminated with a better UI/UX. The instant messaging feature can be leveled up to integration of social platforms like WhatsApp and Messenger as it is these platforms where most of the users are connected.


To compete against the established browsers, BriskBard needs to provide all the features that they are currently providing so the user never recalls their previous browser; moreover, appreciates the features that their previous browser lacked.

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Free Version 2.6.0 For Windows PC

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Download Information

  • License: Free
  • Platform: Windows OS
  • Language: English
  • File Size: 16 MB
  • Downloads: 4,472
  • Developer: Salvador Díaz Fau