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Download the Latest Version of Microsoft Excel free for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android devices
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Download the Latest Version of Microsoft Excel free for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android devices

Microsoft Excel is the industry-leading spreadsheet program from the Microsoft family. MS Excel helps millions of its users in completing their daily office and personal work. Download Microsoft Excel for Free and install this smart workbook on your Windows PC to save time and money.

If you are searching for the latest version of Microsoft Excel Free Download, you are at the right place. Here you can Download Microsoft Excel for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android devices.

In the article, we will let you know about how to download the smart Excel workbook free for your PC. Download Free the Latest Version of Microsoft Excel 2021 Professional Plus for Windows 7, 8 & 10 Compatibility x64 (64-Bit). You can also use Microsoft Excel Online for free in 2021.

Note: Microsoft Excel is not available separately for download, but you can still use Microsoft excel online without Installing the software by clicking the link below. By clicking the second link you can download the complete Microsoft Suite to use( MS Excel, Word, Powerpoint, and many more).

How to Download Microsoft Excel for Free in 2021?

If you are looking for Microsoft Excel Free Download for Windows 7 & 10 you can download Microsoft Office’s latest version for free for your PC. Because MS Excel is always included in all versions of Microsoft Office released by Microsoft, and a part of the all Microsoft Office package. If you have downloaded the Office Suite, you don’t need to download Microsoft Excel separately for your computer.

Microsoft Excel 2016 is the most famous Edition of Excel, But the latest version of Microsoft Excel is MS Excel 2019 مايكروسوفت وورد which is currently available in the market. If you can’t afford to buy a complete Microsoft office solution, You can download an MS Excel spreadsheet separately for your Desktop PC.

In the latest version of Microsoft Office, you will find Microsoft Excel 2019 16.0.6742.2048 full version (32-64 bit), but Microsoft Excel 2016 is the most famous version of MS Excel.

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet tool that is designed to help users to compute difficult functions and formulas easily while working in their office. MS Excel has tons of great aspects and features.

Microsoft Excel is mostly used for mathematical computations, and analyzing complex data sets with just a few simple clicks and commands. MS Excel formulas help users to manage balance sheets, and income statements, create salary sheets, compute large amounts, and various other financial data sets.

Microsoft Excel has a simple interface and it’s very easy to use even for newbies. The top screen toolbar is full of all famous options that help new users to complete their desired tasks. Microsoft Excel can generate a wide range of reports from the data given in the spreadsheet.

However, at the same time, this program is also extremely convenient for professionals. The unlimited amount of columns and rows gives you the option to enter an endless amount of data with titles and descriptions. The data you entered once in your spreadsheet can be found later with a search option. Users can also put the program to work as a social calendar for their upcoming events.

Using Microsoft Excel you can easily import and export data between all Microsoft office programs such as MS Word or PowerPoint. You can record nearly any type of data in form of numbers, text, and images. You can also arrange the data in any format and color. Microsoft Excel can be used to generate complicated reports and tracklists.

At the end of the day, Microsoft Excel is not just a single software competitor that offers such a smooth experience, with so many optional features.

Another incredibly useful feature of Excel 2013 is the ability to generate a wide range of reports from the data in the spreadsheet. There are dozens of different report options from creating a pivot table to making a simple pie chart. You are able to define exactly what data to use in the report and how to arrange it. You can customize nearly every part of a report to meet your needs. You could even potentially generate a full report by hand instead of relying on the automated wizard in the program.

Excel 2013 introduced a new feature known as flash fill. This feature attempts to intelligently sort data in a way that makes sense to people. You can import or paste in a large amount of unsorted data. Excel will go through looking for patterns or similarities between various data fields. It will then sort the data into rows and columns. This feature can make organizing data from many different disparate programs simpler and faster. The flash fill feature does not always work correctly although it can really save a large amount of time when it does.

The interface for Excel 2019 has been updated from previous versions to make it easier to use. The complicated menu bars at the top of the application have been replaced with a new ribbon. The ribbon on the top of the sheet allows users to see almost all of the functions available grouped by different categories. These changes can actually improve the productivity of the latest version of MS Excel.

Use Microsoft Excel Online Now

For user convenience, Microsoft Excel is available online for free. you can use Microsoft Excel online from anywhere using your desktop, laptop, or tablet without installation. You can save your data and spreadsheets on cloud storage and access it anywhere, anytime, when you need it.

Office 365 users can access online Excel using cross-platform. Users can open, view, edit and save Excel spreadsheets from any device like their laptop, mobile, tablet, or PC. 1TB of OneDrive cloud-free online storage also comes with an Office 365 subscription.

Previously Released Versions

The latest version of MS Excel is Microsoft Excel 2019 currently available in the market. But Microsoft Excel 2003, 2007, Ms. Excel 2010, Microsoft Excel 2013, and 2017 are the previously released version of Microsoft Excel.

Microsoft Excels Functions and Tricks

  1. Keyboard shortcuts available
  2. Multiple columns or rows option
  3. Fast find and replace data option
  4. Show and hide specified sows
  5. Protect and encrypt files with a password
  6. Connect multiple sheets with a single formula
  7. Expand the formula bar to multiple rows
  8. Convert your rows Into columns easily
  9. Add headers and footers to your sheet
  10. Alphabetize data in a column or rows
  11. Freeze and unfreeze cells
  12. Wrap text to fit in a cell
  13. Remove duplicate items in a range of cells
  14. Autofill feature for fast typing
  15. Collapse and show the toolbar ribbon
  16. Select an unselect entire row
  17. Start a new line in a cell
  18. Create macros to save time on repetitive processes
  19. Split data into different cells
  20. Share a common format between rows

Smarter Workbook Best Features

  • Beautiful and compatible spreadsheets
  • Helpful mathematical Formulas
  • Multiple functions in one sheet
  • Best and smarter workbook for office work
  • Simplistic Interface
  • Easy to use

Microsoft Excel Latest Version 2021 Update

Better collaboration with modern comments
Look left, look right… XLOOKUP is here!
Added LET function
A new way to reach the Accessibility tools