Age Of Empires 4 Cheats For PC: New Cheat Codes & Console Commands

Are there Age of Empire cheat codes yet?

What are the Age of Empires 4 cheats codes and how you can use them? If you are looking for AOE 4 Cheat release or console command then read this article till the end.

Age of Empires is known for its cheats since the beginning, some codes provide you extraordinary features or facilities so that you can test craziness on medieval maps.

Using the command console players were able to use magical bears and cars that can fire lasers. But where are the Age of Empires 4 cheats? or what are the Age of Empires 4 cheat codes?

Does Age of Empires 4 have Cheats?

No, according to Adam Isgreen, Creative Director of Age of Empires there are no official AOE 4 cheats for PC.

He added that AOE 4 cheats would be coming post-launch, but currently, they’re not in the game. There’s also no timetable for the cheat’s release date for when this will be.

There Are Unofficial AOE 4 Cheats

Several people on Reddit have figured out a way how to open the Age of Empires 4 command console and use cheat codes.

How to Use Age of Empire 4 Cheats For PC?

It is worth noting that many of these codes are still undergoing development and testing, so be careful when using them

Follow these steps.

  • Extract the dev folder from the downloaded ZIP linked below into C:Program Files (x86)Steam/steam/apps/common/AgeofEmpiresIV
  • It should end up looking like Age of Empires IV dev*.lua
  • In steam right click Age of Empires IV and click on Properties
  • Add the launch option: -dev
  • In-game press CTRL+SHIFT+ The key above tab on a US keyboard
  • Paste in this text (Ctrl+V): dofile(“dev/cheatmenu.lua”)
  • Hit Enter
  • Then press CTRL+SHIFT+ ~ again.

Cheats for Age of Empires IV

Age of Empires 4 Cheats Codes PC are Working.
EffectCommand Code
+1000 ResourcesALT+SHIFT+1
Reveal MapALT+SHIFT+3
Instant BuildALT+SHIFT+5
Turbo modeCTRL+T
Slow modeCTRL+S
Spawn VillagerCTRL+SHIFT+1
Spawn SpearmanCTRL+SHIFT+2
Spawn ArcherCTRL+SHIFT+3
Spawn HorsemanCTRL+SHIFT+4
Spawn Man at ArmsCTRL+SHIFT+5
Spawn KnightCTRL+SHIFT+6
Spawn CrossbowmanCTRL+SHIFT+7
Spawn SheepCTRL+SHIFT+8
Spawn ScoutCTRL+SHIFT+9
Note: It only works on a single player

Do Cheat Engine and Trainer Work in Age of Empires 4?

There are various links to cheat engines and trainers that you can find on the internet and on Reddit.

So far we haven’t tested them nor verified any of them. It is recommended to be cautious when checking out these links. The game has only been out a short time, after all. We’ll let you know as soon as official Age of Empires 4 cheats become available.

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