Blacktail – How to Defeat Rebel (Boss Fight Guide)

Blacktail is set in the Black Forest of the infamous Witch in the Woods and the forest is filled with all kinds of dark creatures that will hunt down Yaga. As players progress through the story of the game, they will get to fight many different bosses and one of the early bosses in the game that Yaga get to fight is Rebel.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how you can defeat Rebel in Blacktail.

Rebel Boss Fight Location in Blacktail

Rebel is a talking Mushroom Creature like Brovy and Jack who gave the quest to take down the Dragon. After accepting the main quest named “There be Dragons”, you will be able to make your way to the Canyons where you will meet another talking Mushroom creature named “Knight”. He will tell you that you would have to get some explosive powder from another talking mushroom named “Berel” before you get to slay the dragon.

As you get out of the Canyon, you need to go straight down the main path until you come up on a bridge with a Sacrifice Doll. As you cross the bridge, there will be a cave on your left side. Enter the cave to start the boss fight with Berel.

Rebel Boss Fight Location in Blacktail

How to Defeat Rebel Boss in Blacktail

Rebel is one of the aggressive creatures that you will get to fight in the game and the main ability of him is to move under the ground. He will be changing his position throughout the boss fight by moving down in the ground and coming out of the ground from another position. However, you can easily track his position by noticing the ground particles coming above the ground. He will take a few moments before he comes back up on the ground and as he comes up, you will have the advantage of dealing damage to him as he will take another couple of seconds to attack you. You can easily hit him with the Charged Shot of your bow to deal damage.

The other main ability of him is to push you by sliding towards you and latching on to your position. He will try to hit you as he jumps toward your location. The easiest way to dodge this attack is by using the Dash ability. You can use the Dash ability by pressing the Middle Mouse button. It will let you get to the side but he will go straight down in the ground after jumping so, you will have to wait for him again to come back up to hit another couple of Charged Shots.

However, he will also be spawning a Dark Creature who cannot be killed easily so, try to avoid him. Do not deal damage to him because he will only make things worse for you. Rebel will also spawn little Mushrooms that spit Poison. Take out the little Mushrooms as early as you can because they will keep coming after every few moments and you do not want to get poisoned as it will slow you and give you Negative Status Effects.

How to Defeat Rebel Boss in Blacktail

Once you have dealt with the little Mushrooms, you will see Rebel doing a spin attack with an Axe on his head and if you are far from him, you will see him hitting his head on the ground which will make him stun. It is the best opportunity to hit him as he cannot go anywhere while he is stunned. Use Charged Shot at Rebel to quickly drain his HP. When he becomes conscious, he will begin to redo all of his attacks. Try to avoid his attacks with the Dash ability and hit him with the arrows to deplete his HP.

Rewards for Defeating Rebel Boss

Once you have defeated Rebel, you will find a Chest Beast that will contain the Explosive’s Powder. Interact with the Chest Beast to get the required item for the quest.

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