How to Hunt in Black Forest in Blacktail

Blacktail is based on a story of a bright girl name “Yaga” who also happens to be the Witch in the Woods. Blacktail has different types of mechanics in the game that players should learn before taking on dangerous enemies and the Black Forest is filled with them. One of the main mechanics of the game is Hunting which is most useful for preventing you to die.

In this guide, we’ll explain you how to hunt in Blacktail.

How to Hunt

The Black Forest is filled with dangerous and magical creatures that Yaga will meet as she progresses through her journey. The Journey can be tiring and you will see the hunger level of Yaga will begin to increase which may result in depleting her HP. As players explore through different areas of Black Forest, they can find many charming animals that she can hunt for food.

In order to do the hunt, you will have to explore the Black Forest until you saw an animal that can be hunted, for example, a Deer. Since deer are very fast and keen, Yaga will have to approach them in stealth. To reduce the sound of Yaga, press the Ctrl button to crouch so you can move quietly. It will help you get a better angle at the Deer and it will not run away until you missed the shot or made noise. To aim at the target, Hold Right-Click button and let the arrow charged. When you see the flames in front of the arrow, it means it is fully charged. Keep your aim at the Target and press Left-Click button to shoot at the target. The charged arrows deal more damage so make sure to hit the targets with charged shots.

hunting dear

It will take a couple of shots to take down the deer or if you are hunting a small animal then it will only require a single charged arrow. After hunting the animal, go near it and interact with it to take the Meat. Once you have obtained the meat, you need to find the Campfire. Discovered Campfires are shown on the map so if you have discovered Campfires, go to any one of them to cook the Meat.

How to Cook Meat

Blacktail also has a mechanic for cooking the food you gathered by hunting the animals. Once you have made it to the Campfire with a Meat, interact with the camp and Yaga will place the Meat in the Hook and the Cooking sequence will start in which you have to cook the Meat by catching the Flames.

You will see the Meat in the middle and the fire blazing around it. In a few moments, flames will start to come towards the Meat and you have to rotate the border around the Meat to catch the flames through the gap in the border. Use A or D key to rotate the border and let the flames touch the Meat to cook it. You will have to catch 3 to 4 flames in total to completely cook the Meat. 

cook meat

After Cooking it, Yaga will eat it and get the Status Effect according to the type of Meat. If the Meat is Good, then it will give Positive Status Effects, if the Meat is Bad, then it will give Negative Status Effects. Eating the Food will reduce Yaga’s Hunger and regenerate Yaga’s Health.

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