Blacktail – How to Solve Upside Down Bridge Puzzle

As players progress through the story of the game, they will get to face many different monsters and bosses along with solve different kinds of Puzzles. The main Puzzles will be from a Stone who will block the way of Yaga and it will not move until Yaga has completed the requirement of the Stone. One of the puzzles that Stone will ask Yaga to solve is on the Upside Down Brridge.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to solve Upside Down Bridge Puzzle in Blacktail.

Starting location of Puzzle

The Upside-Down Puzzle will be in the second area that you will unlocked by seeing the memory of Dragoy. You will have to go through the open path and follow the road and you will go up on a rocky path. Go ahead on the Rocky Path to find the Stone and the Voice will tell you that the Stone wants you to go up to the Upside-Down Bridge.

How to Get to Upside-Down Bridge

Go back on the rocky path after talking to the stone and go to the right side along the road. You will reach a small town filled with enemies. Open the gate of the town and kill the enemies. The other door off the town will not open so go to the path on the left off the door and you will see the one of the Old Gods’ symbols. Shoot the arrow through it to teleport there. Go along the path and then head town in to the area where you will also find Boruta, A Red Devil. Go pass the Boruta and turn left to reach a bridge. Go to the other side and go on the path on the right to reach under the Upside-Down bridge.

upside down bridge

Look up on the Bridge and you will see the Old Gods’ symbol. Shoot the arrow through it to reach up on the bridge and you will find the Stone up there again.

Moving the Stones – Puzzle

When you get up on the Upside-Down Bridge, the stone will tell you to move other stones on the bridge. The Voice will explain to you that you can move the Stones by not looking at them. After the conversation, go ahead on the bridge and shoot the arrow through the Old Gods’ Symbol to go ahead. As you go ahead, you will come up on the first stone blocking the way. Look down or behind and you will hear the sound of the stone moving. Look back on the path to see the stone has moved from its position.

moving the stones

Go ahead on the bridge to find another stone blocking the path. Look the other way to move the stone and go ahead on the bridge. Climb up the ledge to go to the other side of the bridge and keep going along the bridge’s path. You will come up on another stone. Look away to move it and you will reach the end. Shoot the arrow through one of the Old Gods’ Symbol to go down on the ground to complete the Puzzle. After that, you will have a conversation with stone and it will move out of the Rocky Path.

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