Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII – Reunion How to Defeat G Eraser (Boss Fight)

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII – Reunion has many bosses that player will get to slay as they progress through the main story of the game and one of the main bosses that players will face is G Eraser, A Clone of Genesis.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat G Eraser in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII – Reunion.

Location of G Eraser

G Eraser is a Level 15 Boss with 8,400 HP. Players will encounter him when they have reached Chapter 3 of the story. Zack will battle G Eraser in Chapter 3: Monster. You will have to unlock all the parts of chapter by completing them and you will unlock a Mission 3-1-3 (Eliminate the Copies). The fight will take place in LOVELESS Avenue.

Defeating G Eraser

G Eraser is a copy of Genesis but it also resembles him closely. He has a number of attacks that players will have to look out for. The two main attacks that you want to dodge is Shotgun and Combo. His Shotgun is a long-range attack that can deal damage from a distance as well so, if you see him aiming his shotgun at you, immediately dodge in another direction. G Eraser has a three hit combo which will not sound much but this combo can leave Zack Stunned if he gets hit by it. He will use his Baton to stun Zack so if you see him striking on you with Baton, immediately dodge backward or to the side.

dodging shotgun Defeating G Eraser Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Reunion

Dodging the Shotgun also has a benefit as well. If you successfully dodge the Shotgun attack, it will leave G Eraser left in open and you will be able to strike down your combo on him from the behind. It will take some moments to reload the Shotgun so you can use this time as your advantage to deal damage to him.

G Eraser also has affinities against the Magic so, it will be useless to use the Magic powers on him. However, he is vulnerable to strikes so, you will have to use your Soldier Sword to hit him with the Power Attack such as Assault Twister and Jump to deal Critical Damage. G Eraser will also cast a Fireball upon Zack that you want to dodge as well because it can be painful if you get hit by it. Make sure to have some Elixir on you to heal during the fight because his attacks can be very deadly if you are low on HP.

It will not take long to defeat him, just keep moving around him and keep hitting him with strikes and Orange Attacks to deal more damage and whenever you see a Baton or Shotgun coming up from him, just dodge to the side and repeat the attacking to defeat him.

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