How to Get Buster Sword in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII – Reunion

Buster Sword is an iconic weapon in Final Fantasy world which can be recognized by any fan of Final Fantasy series. The original Crisis Core allows Zack to wield Buster Sword from the start of the game but in the remaster version, developers have changed some things. Players will have to get the Buster Sword all by themselves later in the game.

In this guide, we’ll explain you how to get Buster Sword in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII – Reunion.

Buster Sword in Angeal House?

As players will play through the main story of the game and when they get to the 2nd chapter of the game in Banora Village, they will come to Angeal’s House. If you do a little roaming in the house, you will find the Buster Sword placed against the wall and the players will get a question in mind that, how Angeal ended up with Buster Sword. Zack will not be able to take any action on the Buster Sword on that point and it will confuse players a bit as well. However, you will get Buster Sword later in the game by playing through the main story of the game.

buster sword in angeal house

Getting Buster Sword

Buster Sword will not be obtained until you have completed almost half of the game. You will get the Buster Sword in Chapter 6: Protect Your Honor by killing Zack’s friend Angeal at the end of the Chapter 5: Where Are You? You will fight with Angeal and by killing her, Buster Sword will be given to you and Zack will wield it in the Honor of his friend.

Players will not be able to get it early in the game, they will have to fight for it hard and when they finally get their hands on it. They will know that it was worth it because Buster Sword is changed up a bit by the developers and it has all new abilities and Proficiency which will help Zack defeat the harder enemies easily. Its guarding ability will let Zack guard the attacks and then hit the heavy attacks on the enemies which will do Critical Damage.

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