How to Get Cursed Ring Early in the Game in Crisis Core Reunion

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII – Reunion is filled with many Materia and Accessories that can be used by the players throughout the game and players can make their build upon these Materia and Accessories. However, not all accessories are for buffs or to get certain strength, some accessories can give you disadvantages as well and Cursed Ring is one of them.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Cursed Ring Early in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII – Reunion.

What is Cursed Ring in Crisis Core

Now for the players who knows what is Cursed Ring, they might be thinking what is the need of this ring in the player as it gives disadvantages to the players. Well, the Final Fantasy franchise not only allow players to play the game by gaining all the buffs and strength, they also allow to players to play the game in different way, like by wearing the Cursed Ring.

Now for the players who do not know what Cursed Ring is. It is an Accessory that can be equipped to get some extra buffs but it will also give you the disadvantage of getting further buffs from the DMW System. If you have played through the game, you would have seen that the DMW system allows certain slots to spin and each time the slots stop, they give you certain buffs in the fight. Well, while wearing the Cursed Ring, players will not get any sort of buffs from the spinning slots. In general, it allows players to not get any buffs and play the game without any extra buffs besides the Materia and other accessories.

Crisis Core Final Fantasy Cursed Ring FF7

It makes the game more challenging and the players who are more hardcore, they can try this accessory while playing on the Hard Difficulty to really test their true skills in the game.

Where to Get the Cursed Ring Early in the Game

The Cursed Ring is not easy to come by in the early stage, you can find it later in the missions but the players who have to wear it from the start of the game has to get it early. Now, to get the Cursed Ring early, players will have to go a little off in the tutorial of the game. Yes, the Cursed Ring can be obtained in the tutorial of the game.

You will have to beat the tutorial boss of the game and then make your way to the facility where you will meet an NPC named “Kunsel”. Now, Kunsel will tell you to open the locker number 07 from which you will get Bronze Bangle which is pretty decent but if you try to open the 07 locker again, he will mock you for being Greedy. Now, most of players will leave there and move on in the tutorial but this is exactly where players can get their hands on the Cursed Ring.

Kunsel ff7 cursed ring crisis core

Force to Open Locker #07

You will have to keep trying to open the locker number 07 until Kunsel ran out of his patience and will allow you to get an extra item which will be the Cursed Ring. You just have to press the X button key to keep interacting with the locker to open it and Kunsel will keep mocking you. Just ignore him until he finally gives you the permission to open it and give you an extra item.

crisis core reunion cursed ring

Once you have obtained the Cursed Ring, you will get great buffs in all attributes from the start but you will not be getting any other additional buffs from DMW.

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