[FAQ] ExpressVPN Cannot Detect Internet Connection

Express VPN not connecting is one of those issues that really tests patience. I was pretty unfortunate to get hit by this calamity during the course of using Express VPN for Windows. So, I promised myself not to let this happen to anyone else who ever faces ExpressVPN Cannot Detect Internet Connection.

Why is my internet not working with ExpressVPN?

Here’s why you are connected to ExpressVPN but can’t browse the internet:

  • Poor connectivity at the chosen VPN server location
  • Interference by internet service providers for certain VPN protocols
  • Interference from your antivirus or online security application’s outgoing packet transmission

(Express VPN not connecting) – How Do I Fix ExpressVPN cannot detect Internet connection?

If you’re wondering “Why does my WIFI say no internet when connected to VPN”, then there could be a legitimate reason for it, as listed above. Here’s how you can resolve internet browsing issues when connected to the ExpressVPN app:

  • First and foremost, download the latest version of the Express VPN app
  • Connect to a different VPN server location to fix Express VPN not connecting or still trying to connect
  • Change your VPN Protocol to fix unable to connect to ExpressVPN. Try using IKEv2, Lightway or OpenVPN
  • Add Express VPN app as an exception to your antivirus or online security application to resolve ExpressVPN Not Working Issue
  • Flush the DNS. Here’s how to do it to fix “Unable to Connect” error message.
Hit the Windows key, search for ‘Command Prompt’, and hit Enter.
Now, type ‘ipconfig /flushdns’ —> Enter.
Type ‘ipconfig /registerdns’ –> Enter.
Type ‘ipconfig /release’ –> Enter.
Type ‘ipconfig /renew’ –> Enter.
Type ‘netsh winsock reset’ –> Enter.
Finally, restart your computer –> connect to ExpressVPN > check if you can access the internet.
  • Reduce the simultaneous usage of ExpressVPN to fix Express VPN not working issue
  • At worst, Contact the ExpressVPN Support Team so they can help you fix Express VPN not working

I hope this solves your ExpressVPN Cannot Detect Internet Connection problem 😊

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