Fix: Corsair iCUE Not Detecting Fans / Not Showing Up Fans

Solve the RGB fans aren't showing up in iCUE after an update but fans are working fine.

Corsair fans not showing up in iCUE? Corsair iCUE not detecting fans? You will find these solutions helpful.

Many Corsair user are complaining that since they restarted their PC or changed CPU cooler iCUE not recognizing fans.

Another lot experiencing that iCUE not recognizing case fans, CPU cooler (h100i), RGB fans or Commander core.

Here we have explained the best solutions to fix Corsair iCUE Not Detecting Fans problem once and for all.

Corsair iCUE Fan Controller

Corsair Utility Engine (iCUE) is an amazing software that allows it’s user to check CPU temperature in real time to prevent overheating problems.

If you have installed Corsair products i.e. CPU cooler, RGB fans, keyboard, mouse then iCUE is the best choice as this tool manages all of these hardware from one single platform.

Just like other fan control software with this tool you can control CPU fan speed and increase Fan RPM if you think that your system is heating up.

Still this tool gets buggy and that when users face complain that corsair RGB fans not showing up in icue.

Causes Why Corsair Fans Not Showing Up in iCUE

After researching we conclude that the problem of iCUE not detecting RGB fans is often liked with:

  • Fan aren’t connected properly
  • Fans are connected on wrong ports
  • Third party software is causing conflict
  • Outdated iCUE version
  • Incompatible hardware
  • BIOS Switch is not incorrect position

How To Fix Corsair iCUE Not Detecting Fans

Try these fixes as one of them will clearly help you.

Fix 1. Restart and Reinstall iCUE

Most of thre time there a glitch that’s is preventing the app from running in the Windows PC smoothly.

Try to restart the iCUE within your PC, for that follow these steps:

Rught click on the iCUE icon appearing in the system tray and select quit to close the program.

Make sure that there’s no process or task is running in the Task Manager.

Now relaunch the program and see if it has fixed icue not detecting fans problem.

If the problem peresists then try to reinstall the iCUE after removing it from your PC. Use control panel to uninstall this app while making sure that there’s no AppData relating to this app exist on your PC.

Fix 2. Update iCUE Version

Sometime that iCUE not recognizes the case fans or RGB fans because you are running it’s outdated version.

Corsaie is constantly releasing updates to fix any potential bugs and error.

If you are running it’s old version then icue will not detect fans.

  • Visit the iCUE download page and download its latest version

Fix 3. Uninstall Conflicting Software

If the iCUE not recognizing fans 1 & 2, voltage RPM, it means you have installed other hardware monitoring tool that is accessing this info hindering iCUE to perform better.

Program like Afterburner that have overlay feature and OC scanner can cause problem as well. All you need is to uninstall these tool from yourPC.

Fix 4. Rearrange the fans on the hub

Sometimes the iCUE can display fans and RPM but it can’t control RGB especially having commander pro controller.

In such situation make sure that:

  • Make sure that lighting channels on the fan controller are configured correctly.
  • When fans are attached to the fan hub then you have to manually add these fans to the iCUE in an arranged manner. The reason is the iCUE doesn’t “detect” these fans automatically.
  • Try to rearrange fans on the hub controller. The RGB fan operates in a sequence if the first fan in the hub doesn’t get a signal then it won’t pass them to the other. So one bad fan can take out the entire chain

Fix 5. Specify fan as 4-pin PWM in the iCUE

If you are controlling fan speed using fan control i.e. commander pro then a situation will come where iCUE can only detect 1 & 2 fan but not all.

Peform these steps:

  • Go to the iCUE settings and specify the fans as 4-pin/PWM fans instead of Auto.
  • Make sure to change fan headers on the fan hub.

Fix 6. Contact Corsair Support

If non of the above solutions works for you then there might be a problem with the devices. You should contact Corsair support centre.

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