Going Medieval Cheat Codes (2021)

Here are all the cheats and shortcuts in Going Medieval to experience smooth gameplay.

A survival and strategy game that will have a better progression with some cheats. Using the given shortcuts Going Medieval becomes much smoother and you can actually experience the gameplay instead of just running around to get resources all the time.

Apart from providing all the cheats and shortcuts, we’ll also tell you how to activate developer tools in Going Medieval.

Going Medieval: How to Activate Cheats?

Those who want to add in new settlers or to practically enable the developer tools and test out things, just follow the below steps.

  • First, you need to download the mod made by aedenthorn from Nexus mods OR you also need BepInEx for this to work. Get the version suiting your system. 
  • Then locate Programs > Steam Steamapps common Going Medival.

This is the same location as the exe. data with which the game is started.

  • Put the BepInEx.zip in there and unpack it.
  • A folder called BepInEx will appear as well as a winhttp.dll
  • Start the game once. There will be nothing different yet but with this new folders are created within the BepInEx folder.
  • Now unpack the Dev Tools.zip and put the Dev Tools.dll into BepInEx -> plugins

Now start your game and see if everything works. The Dev Tools button will appear next to the region button at the top bar. Or you can toggle it by pressing [`].

Going Medieval Cheats

To make the game more interesting & engaging, here are all the going medieval cheats in which you can get medieval money cheat, and much more. so, let’s take a look at medieval game cheats.

You can use the going medieval cheats by using the going medieval cheat engine or trainer. Moreover, there are also going medieval tips and tricks that you can use in the game to speed it up.


  • Num 1 – Infinite Resources
  • Num 2 – Instant Building
  • Num 3 – Instant Production
  • Num 4 – Max Mood
  • Num 5 – Max Food
  • Num 6 – Max Sleep
  • Num 7 – Max Alcohol
  • Num 8 – Max Entertainment Activities
  • Num 9 – Max Religious Activities
  • Num 0 – Max Food Freshness
  • Ctrl+Num 1 – Infinite Skill Exp
  • Ctrl+Num 2 – Skill Exp Multiplier
  • Ctrl+Num 3 – Set Move Speed
  • Ctrl+Num 4 – Set Game Speed
  • Game Speed
  • Super Production Speed
  • No Needs
  • Mega Resources On Build
  • Fast Construction
  • Edit: Amount
  • Edit: Level Animal Handling
  • Edit: Level Mining
  • Edit: Level Botony
  • Edit: Level Tailoring
  • Edit: Level Speechcraft
  • Edit: Level Smithing
  • Edit: Level Carpentry
  • Edit: Level Marksman
  • Edit: Level Melee
  • Edit: Level Construction
  • Edit: Level Medicine
  • Edit: Level Intellectual
  • Edit: Level Culinary
  • Edit: XP Animal Handling
  • Edit: XP Carpentry
  • Edit: XP Smithing
  • Edit: XP Culinary
  • Edit: XP Intellectual
  • Edit: XP Botony
  • Edit: XP Medicine
  • Edit: XP Melee
  • Edit: XP Mining
  • Edit: XP Marksman
  • Edit: XP Speechcraft
  • Edit: XP Tailoring
  • Edit: XP Construction

Cheats for Medieval dynasty

Listed are going medieval cheat table for Medieval dynasty that allows you to  turn various Medieval Dynasty Cheats on or off.

  • Difficulty – This changes the settings of the various options and Cheats in this menu between several different preset choices.
  • Length of Season (Days) – How many days does a Season last? The devs strongly advise that you leave this at its default.
  • Taxes – How much tax you’re charged for buildings and crop fields?
  • Buildings Limit – The maximum number of buildings you can have.
  • Events – Turn Events on or off.
  • Unlimited HP – Turn invulnerability on or off.
  • Unlimited Stamina – Turn Stamina consumption on or off.
  • Lack of Hunger – Turn the need to eat Food on or off.
  • Lack of Thirst – Turn the need to drink Water on or off.
  • Unlimited Weight – Turn infinite and carry weight on or off.
  • Inhabitants – Food Needs – Raise or lower the Food needs for the People in your village.
  • Inhabitants – Water Needs – Raise or lower the Water needs for the People in your village. 
  • Inhabitants – Wood Needs –  Raise or lower the Wood needs for the People in your village.
  • Bandits – Turn Bandits on or off.
  • Enemies – HP – Raise or lower enemy HP.
  • Enemies – Damage – Raise or lower enemy damage.
  • Poisoning – Turn the Poison status effect on or off.
  • Temperature – Turn the Temperature system on or off.
  • Fast Crafting – If enabled, you’ll craft all of your items in one cycle rather than one cycle per item.
  • XP Gain Multiplier – Raise or lower the amount of XP you gain.
  • Technology Gain Multiplier – Raise or lower the amount of Technology you gain.
  • Dynasty Reputation Multiplier – Raise or lower the amount of Dynasty Reputation you gain.

Going Medieval Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips & tricks for going medieval that you can use in the game.

Tip 1 – How to Get Food in Going Medieval

Keeping your settlers fed is one of the most important parts of Going Medieval because they’ll starve to death, otherwise. The main methods for getting food right now are hunting animals and farming with Agriculture research. Make sure you start your farm in the spring or summer so you don’t lose it during the winter.

And if you have someone in your colony with the Cannibal perk, you can even butcher raiders for food too. Aside from having a new source of food, they’ll also get a positive mood buff. It’s possible future updates may add a trading system as well.

Tip 2 – Store Food Underground

Once you have a good source of food, you’ll want to prevent it from expiring. This is why it’s useful to understand how to build underground in Going Medieval. As you mine deeper below the base level, you’ll get to colder temperatures. You can take advantage of the temperature change for freezing food and preventing it from spoiling.

This makes it much easier to deal with difficult weather changes during the summer like a Heat Wave. Plus, your settlers will appreciate the cold temperatures when trying to cool off.

Tip 3 – How to Keep Everyone Happy

If your colony isn’t happy, you’re bound to run into all sorts of problems. This is why it’s important to manage their mood and keep an eye out for factors lowering it. You can see a settler’s mood by clicking them and then clicking the smiley face icon near the bottom right window. This will show their current mood, positive modifiers, and negative ones too.

Try to manage each one and keep them happy so they don’t leave your colony. Here are some quick useful tips and tricks to keep your colony happy.

  • Keep everyone fed
  • Have alcohol available to meet alcohol requirements.
  • Have a Backgammon Table available for entertainment. Possibly create multiple.
  • Create one of each shrine to fulfill religious activities.
  • Provide a table and chairs for settlers to eat at.
  • Give settlers jobs they’re passionate about.

Tip 4 – Place Archers Above Enemies

One of the ways you can take advantage of Going Medieval’s building system revolves around archers. If you place a settler with a bow one story above an enemy, they’ll get several buffs in combat. This helps with fighting off raiders attacking your colony. Make sure to build a few raised areas where they can fight from or even small towers.

Archer buffs from a height advantage include better accuracy, farther range, and a higher critical hit chance. I like to enclose raised areas with a door so raiders have a tougher time getting to my archers. You can use traps as well since your settlers won’t trigger them.

Tip 5 – How to Get New Settlers

If you want to grow your colony, you’ll need to get more people. This will help with expanding your village and doing more tasks at once. There are only two ways to get new settlers and here’s the main way. As you play Going Medieval, random events can happen where someone will decide to join your colony.

And the other more dangerous random event is a prisoner escaping from raiders. You can take them in, but you’ll have to worry about an incoming attack from those same raiders. Fortunately, most raids aren’t too difficult if you’re prepared with traps and weapons.

As Going Medieval is currently in development on Steam Early Access, it’s possible there may be new features added later on. But I’d be surprised if they added a mechanic for settlers to have babies. Since that would likely be a complex system to implement.

Tip 6 – Research New Technology in Going Medieval

The entire game opens up as you learn new technology unlocking more content. You can’t start a farm until you unlock Agriculture. And you can’t produce beer until researching Brewing. Over time, you’ll want to keep researching new technology to prepare your colony for what’s to come. Farming aside, you’ll need to prioritize researching stronger weapons too. Here are some tips on research to get first:

  • Architecture
  • Agriculture
  • Brewing
  • Furniture
  • Wooden Weaponry
  • Research II
  • Start to pick what you think is best


Can you use cheats in the medieval dynasty?

Medieval Dynasty Cheats can change various game settings such as by allowing you to earn XP faster (or slower, if you’d like). The “cheats” part truly comes in with the ability to have infinite HP, infinite Stamina, and more at the push of a button

Can you mod Going Medieval?

 Yes, players can install mods in Going Medieval, fortunately.

How do I get more settlers in Going Medieval?

The main way most players will get more settlers is by playing the game and encountering random events. There are a couple of specific events that result in new people coming to your village. The first is shown in the screenshot above where a prisoner held by bandits is on the run.

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