GTA 5 Money Cheat in Story Mode

Making money is challenging in Grand Theft Auto 5. So, many players use cheats to gain an advantage in the game. But Hold on! Is there any GTA 5 money cheat that you can use in the game? The answer is NO. There isn’t any money cheat. However, you can use GTA 5 money glitch to gain unlimited money in the game.

In this article, we have explained the GTA 5 money glitch that makes you a millionaire! So, let’s take a look.

Is there any Money Cheat in GTA 5?

The answer is simply NO. However, you can use GTA 5 money glitch to become a millionaire in the game.

GTA 5 Money Cheat

Unfortunately, there aren’t any GTA 5 money cheats that you can use on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox 360, and Xbox One in story mode. However, there are some money glitches that you can use in the game to gain extra money. Here’s a brief detail on how you can get unlimited money in Story mode in GTA 5.

GTA 5 Money Glitch in Story Mode

Just run your game and follow the steps below to make yourself millions without any GTA 5 Money Cheat in Story Mode.

  • Open Grand Theft Auto 5, and head straight to Del Perro Beach, just by the pier
  • Take a lovely swim and jack one of the Seasharks dockings here.
  • Go to the marked location in the Pacific Ocean (as shown in the picture below).
  • Dive straight down until you find a briefcase on the underwater structure. Once you have located it, do not pick it up just yet.
  • Get back to the surface, get your phone out, and make a quick save of the file.
  • Now you can dive down and collect the briefcase.
  • Get back up again, then replace the current save with a new save.
  • Load the newly saved file, your bank balance should have gone up by $25,000.
  • Reload and repeat the process until you’re a millionaire!

That’s it. This GTA 5 money glitch gives you infinite money in GTA 5 Story Mode. We have confirmation that it still works perfectly. However, players do report having trouble finding the briefcase. A possible fix to this is to simply mark the location of the underwater structure, then move a little away. After that, make a quick save and reload.

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