How to Break Walls, Rocks, and Gates in One Piece Odyssey

All the characters in One Piece Odyssey have unique skills that can be used in different scenarios. The Battle Skills are used during the battles and Field Skills are used in the environment. Field Skills is important as Battle Skills because these skills can get you hidden items or unlock a path that looks blocked.

Field Skills of different characters can be used to break the glowing Walls, Rocks, and Gates in the environment. Players can see the glowing objects and things by going close to them or by using the Observation Haki skill of Luffy.

In this guide, we’ll explain how to break Walls, Rocks, and Gates in One Piece Odyssey.  

How to Break Walls and Rocks

Players will discover different areas, towns, and dungeons as they progress through the main story of the game. All the locations have some breakable items that can be broken by using the Field Skills of the Characters. After characters have regained their Lost Power by picking up the Cube of Power, they will get their Field Skills back.

Field Skills will let them break the glowing Walls and Rocks. To see the Glowing Walls and Rocks, go close to the wall/rock or use the Observation Haki Field Skill of Luffy. To break the walls or rocks, all the players will have to do is press the R2 button while aiming at the Wall or Rock. The characters that break the Walls and Rocks are the following.

CharactersField Skill
Roronoa ZoroSLASH
Tony Tony ChopperPUNCH
Nico RobinBLOOM

Breaking the Walls will reveal the hidden path or hidden items. Breaking the Rocks can drop rare items on the ground.

Glowing Breakable Walls

How to Break Gates/Doors in One Piece Odyssey

Players will see different types of doors and gates as they progress through the game. The Gates and Doors can also be broken to open the hidden path or to get hidden items. There is only one person that can break the doors and gates in the game and that is Roronoa Zoro.

If players come up on a closed gate or find a closed gate, they need to make Roronoa Zoro the leader and then press the L2 button to aim at the door and then press the R2 button to perform the SLICE Field Skill on the closed door. Zoro will use his swords to slice through the doors, opening the path for the rest of the teammates.

Using the Slice Field Skill on closed Metal Gate
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