How to Get Cube of Power in One Piece Odyssey

At the start of the first chapter, all the skills of the Pirates’ characters will be lost and Adio will accept to help the characters get back their lost powers. Adio will tell them to go to the Lake Shore Cave to find the first Cube of Power.

In this guide, we’ll explain to you how to get Cube of Power in One Piece Odyssey.

How to Get Cube of Power in One Piece Odyssey

All the Straw Hat Pirates will lose their powers after meeting Lim for the first time. She will take away all their powers and put them in a cube and spread the cubes into pieces. The Pieces of the Cube will spread on the Mysterious Island. Players will not be able to use their abilities until they have restored their powers. Adio will accept to help them to get their lost powers back.

Players will find the first Cube of Power inside the Lake Shore Cave on the Circular Inland Sea location. You can also read our guide on how to get to Lake Shore Cave to get there easily.

Once you are inside the Lake Shore Cave, follow the following steps to get to the Cube of Power.

  • You need to go straight and up from the ramp.
  • Jump up on the ledge and you will find your first Accessory item.
  • Look to the right and you will see another jumping point. Jump up on the ledge and go to the red marker.
  • In the cutscene, you will see the Cube of Power on the platform in the middle.
  • You need to go down the path and then go on to the bridge to get to the Platform.
  • Once you have reached the Platform, you will be encountered by Death Squirrel.
  • Defeat the Death Squirrel and go near the Cube of Power to obtain it.
Location of Cube of Power

Obtaining the first Cube of Power will bring back some skills of the characters. To learn more skills, you will have to look for more Cube of Powers and you can also increase the level of your skill by spending the Cube Fragments. All the characters will remember their skills again and now, you will be able to do skills attack in future battles.

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