How to Extract in Dark and Darker

Dark and Darker is all about survival in the dungeon where you will have to fight the real enemies along with Deadly Skeletons, Flying Skulls, Bosses, and much more. Players will have to get the loot by killing the enemies and looting the chests. To keep the loot, they will have to get out of the dungeon by using the Extraction Points. Dying in the dungeon will lose all of the loot along with the gear so players will have to carefully extract the dungeon to survive.

In this guide, we’ll explain you how to extract in Dark and Darker.

What is Extraction

Extraction is the exit point of the Dungeon and these exit points spawn in all four maps of Dark and Darker. Players will exit through a Blue Portal which is activated by a Blue Headstone. Players will need to find these Blue Headstones and interact with them to make a Portal through which they will exit from the Dungeon/Map.

There are three different levels on each map and these Headstones spawn on every level in different locations. However, they will not spawn early in the game, players will still have to survive several minutes before they get to find the Blue Headstone.

How to Find Blue Headstone

Blue Headstones spawn are all random and they don’t spawn in the same location as every time so, players will have to look for them in each adventure. After surviving 3 – 4 Minutes in the game, you will be able to see a notification on the top right screen saying that the Player Extraction Point has been Spawned. Meaning, that the Blue Headstones have started spawning and every few minutes, they will begin to increase in number. If players have spent more than 8 minutes in the adventure, they will easily find the Blue Headstones in the current ring.

However, it is not permanent that the Blue Headstone must be in the end zone, you might find it outside the circle so you must have enough health to go outside the circle and activate the Portal to extract.

How Blue Headstones Work

Mostly Blue Headstones spawn near the Red Headstones. Red Headstones are used to teleport to the Hell-Level of the map which is the lowest level of the map where you will encounter bosses of the map. Keep in mind that you do not want to interact with the Red Headstone if you are looking for extraction. If you have found the Red Headstone then the Blue Headstone will be near it. Look around and when you found the Blue Headstone, interact with it by pressing the F key to open the Blue Portal.

how to uses blue headstones

Now, Blue Portal will stay on forever so it is your choice to take the portal as you open it or if you want to go in a bit later. You can also camp the Blue Portal to lure other players close to you and take them out with the crossbow from a distance. However, if any other single player goes into the Blue Portal, it will close and that person will extract, leaving you in the dungeon to find another Blue Headstone to extract.

Blue Portals can only extract 1 Player from the dungeon so you will have to make sure that no one steals your extraction point. Additionally, you can also steal someone else’s Blue Portal but you will have to carefully make your way to the Portal. Once you go into the portal, it will instantly extract you from the dungeon and you will not have to wait for any timer to be complete or anything.

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