How to Get the Skull Key and Unlock Skull Door in Dark and Darker

Dark and Darker is set in the Dungeons for the players to explore and hunt down the deadly creatures as well as find the mysterious hidden places in the dungeon. One of the hidden locations in the dungeon is the Skull Door which can only be opened by using the Skull Key. Skull Key is one of the rarest items in the game and if players have the authority of keeping it then they will be able to open the Skull Door and get higher-level loot for them.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where you will be able to get the Skull Key as well as how you can unlock the Skull Gate to get Higher-Level loot in Dark and Darker.

How to Get Skull Key

Dark and Darker has many rare items in the game including the Armour, Weapons, and Utilities. However, getting these items are not easy as they required several mini-boss fights, main boss fights, and encounter with other real players. One of the rarest items in the game is a Utility named “Skull Key” which is used to open the Skull Door. Mainly, the Skull Key is obtained by killing one of the main boss “Lich” at the Hell-Level of the map. You will find the Key in his inventory by searching his dead body. If you cannot find the Skull Key on Lich then you might have to take down another main boss at the Hell Level whose name is “Ghost King”. Defeating the Ghost King can also get you the Skull Key from his body.

Defeat Lich to Get Skull Key

The Skull Key also has the spawn spot on the map where players can find this Key but since it very rare, there are very low chances of getting. There are two spawns of Skull Key, one is on the North side off the Map near the Throne Room and the other spawn is on the Northwest room of the map near the Chests. You can check these locations to find the Skull Key, if you are lucky then you might find one at one of the locations.

However, there is also another way to get the Skull Key and that is through Trading. You can check the Utility Trading Rooms in the menu to see if there is anyone selling the Skull Key. As it is very rare, the expected price off the Skull key will be higher than 1,000 Gold. If you have that much money in the game and you can afford it to buy the Key then you should go for it. The Plus Point from getting through the Trading is that you don not have to fight the bosses and you can directly make your way to the Skull Door to open it. Another thing that you might need after opening the Skull Door is Lockpicks to open the chests inside. So, make sure to bring them to the Skull Door as well.

How to Unlock Skull Door

Once players have the Skull Key, they will be able to open the Skull Door which is also on the Hell-Level of the map. If players are already in the Hell-Level, they will need to go to the South Side of the map and go to the back side of the Boss’s Room. If the players are on higher-level of the map, they will need to find the Red Headstone and then take the Red Portal to come to the Hell-Level. Once players have reached the South area of the map, they will need to go to the back of the Boss’s Room where they will find the Lava.

Players will have to jump across on the platforms to reach the ramp in the middle. Go up the Ramp and you will get to open a door. Open the door and there will be a Lava Monster that you will have to defeat. Defeat the monster and loot him as well to get a decent loot. After that, there will be a handle near the door you opened. Interact with the Handle to extend the Bridge that will take you to the Skull Door.

Activate Lever to Extend Bridge

Go along the bridge and you will reach the Skull Door. Place the Skull Key in your Utility Slot and then interact with the door to open the Skull Door with Skull Key. After opening the Door, the Skull Key will be removed from your Inventory as it is for only one time use. There will be a couple of Skeletons inside the room so take them out as well before you start opening the chests. Use the Lockpicks to open the chests and then loot the items.

Skull Key cannot be used again so you will have to get the Skull Key again if you want to open the Skull Door in another run. You will have to repeat the process of everything to open the Skull Door. 

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