How to Increase Accessories Slots – Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion

There are many different items and powers that will assist Zack to be a successor in the battles he fights but players will have to first equip those items and powers in their particular slots. All Final Fantasy games has the equipment option where the players will be able to add Materia items which are the powers and magic and there is an Accessories tab in which players will select the key items to get certain buffs in the fights. Both of these equipment tabs have their limits and players cannot equip more items than the limit, and in the start, Zack will only start with two slots for Accessory.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to increase Accessories Slots in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy – Reunion.

Number of Accessory Slots

Playing through the main story of the game and reaching chapter 2 will give different key items of Materia as well as the Accessory. You can see all of those items in the Equipment option in the Main Menu. You will see Materia tab and the Accessory tab. You will start with only a couple of slots for both of these tabs and players will unlock more of these slots by finding particular key items. Players will start with only two accessory slots and it can be unlocked to a number of 4 Accessory slots.

Having more slots means, you will be able to wear more items that will give you more significant buffs in the fights.

Increasing Accessories Slots

For the players who want to unlock all Accessories slots as early as possible, they will have to play through the main story chapters of the game until they reach Chapter 4. There is no point to unlock them before you get to chapter 4 because chapter 4 will unlock some optional missions which will get you the Key Items to unlock the Accessories Slots.

Increasing Accessories SLots

Once you have made it to the Church which is the starting point of Chapter4, you will have to go in the Missions tab in the Main Menu and you need to select the Mission Set M7-2 (Precious Things). You will start from the first mission of this set so you will have to play 5 missions in this set to get both of the items we need to unlock more Accessories slots. Play missions from 7-2-1 to 7-2-5 to get the following items.

  • Keychain
  • Backpack

The Keychain will be rewarded by completing the mission 7-2-2 (Search and destroy II) and the Backpack will be rewarded by completing the mission 7-2-5 (Operation: Mako reactor III). Once you have obtained both of the items, you will automatically unlock all accessories slots. To see the unlocked Accessories slots, go to the Equipment option in the main menu and you will see that you have two more unlocked slots in the Accessories tab.


You will be able to equip two new items from your collected items and get more buffs according to the build. It will make things much easier for you because the fights will become only harder ahead.

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