How to Upgrade Skills (Cube Fragments) in One Piece Odyssey

Skills play a very important role in One Piece Odyssey. Players will be able to use the Skills of the characters during the battle to deal a great amount of damage along with different element damage to enemies. As players level up their characters, the stats of the characters will increase but to increase the output damage of the Skills, players will have to upgrade them as well.

Upgrading Skills require Cube Fragments which will be available after the prologue of the game. Players will be able to find the Cube Fragments in different areas and locations around the Island of Waford.

In this guide, we’ll explain how you can upgrade the Skills of the characters in One Piece Odyssey.

How to Get Cube Fragments in One Piece Odyssey

Players will not be able to collect Cube Fragments from the start of the game. They will have to complete the Prologue of the game and then go to the South Forest to meet with the Lim and Adio characters of Waford. From there, players will lose their powers and all the EXP for their character level as well as Skills.

After that, players will have to find the Cube of Power to regain the Lost Powers and Cube Fragments to insert EXP into the particular Skill. Cube Fragments are different for each character and when players pick up the Cube Fragment, it will show the name of the character to which the Cube Fragment belongs.

Cube Fragments

Players will start getting the Cube Fragments of different characters in the Lake Shore Cave location. Cube Fragments are like the shining cubes that you can find on the ground like the rest of the items in the game.

How to Upgrade Skills in One Piece Odyssey

Once players have obtained Cube Fragments of different characters or any character, they will be able to use the Cube Fragments on a particular Skill of the particular character to upgrade the skill. To upgrade a skill, follow the following steps.

  • Open the menu and go to the Crew Tab.
  • Press the Triangle Button to go into the Skill Up menu of the characters.
  • You will be able to assign the Cube Fragments to the Skills which have slots. Each skill that can be upgraded will have three slots.
  • You can assign the Cube Fragments in the slots and assigning all three Cube Fragments will upgrade the Skill to the next level.
  • Upgrading the Skill will increase the Output Damage as well as element type damage.
  • You can change the Characters by pressing the L2 or R2 Button on the Skill Up screen.
  • Assign the Cube Fragments according to the character and the Skill.
Upgrading Luffy Skill with Cube Fragments

The Skills that are not showing the slots, required other Cube Fragments. Make sure to keep collecting the Shining Cubes in your adventure through different areas and towns of Waford Island to unlock slots of other Skills.

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