How To Fix Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Not Working on PS4/PS5

Modern Warfare 2 is a classic first-person shooter game that has been beloved by gamers for over a decade. However, players on PS4 and PS5 have reported issues with the game’s multiplayer mode, including connectivity issues and missing DLC content.

Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to troubleshoot and fix the problem. In this article, we’ll provide a detailed guide on how to fix Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer not working on PS4/PS5, offering specific solutions to common problems players encounter.

Why Is Modern Warfare Multiplayer Not Working on PS4/PS5?

There may be several causes for this problem some of these are:

  1. Internet connectivity issues
  2. Outdated game or system software
  3. Server downtime or maintenance
  4. NAT type restrictions
  5. Corrupted game files
  6. Firewall or antivirus blocking the game
  7. Overloaded game servers
  8. Console hardware issues
  9. Insufficient storage space on the console

How To Fix Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Not Working on PS4/PS5

If the game constantly crashes & not working on your consoles then try the solutions listed for COD Modern Warfare not working, test them one by one, and ensure a stable internet connection.

1. Check Modern Warfare 2 Servers

If you are experiencing issues with COD: Modern Warfare 2, it’s important to check the server status on the official website. If the server is up but you’re still having problems, the issue might be random. In this case, it’s recommended to keep an eye on COD’s social media channels such as Twitter for any updates on server issues and fixes provided by Infinity Ward.

2. Restart the Game

It might seem obvious, but closing the game down fully before starting it up again can help solve a range of issues.

3. Disband and Rehost Your Party

Players on Reddit have suggested a potential fix for the COD: Modern Warfare 2 matchmaking issue, which involves leaving and disbanding the party before rehosting it. This solution may help resolve the problem and allow players to successfully connect and play multiplayer matches.

  • Start the game and go to the main menu.
  • Choose “Multiplayer” and select “Create a Party.”
  • Invite friends to the party and start the game.
  • Once the game starts, go to the main menu and select “Leave Party.”
  • Disband the party and rehost it.
  • Start the game again, and you should be able to join online matches without any issues.
  • If this method doesn’t work, try hosting the party with a different player.

4.  Launch the Game through its Dedicated launcher

To access the multiplayer mode in Call of Duty: Cold War, players have been advised to avoid launching the game from the Cold War launcher if it isn’t allowing access. Instead, players should try launching the Modern Warfare game separately using its dedicated launcher to avoid potential issues.

This solution has been suggested by players who have experienced problems since Activision included Modern Warfare Multiplayer and Warzone, and it may help resolve the issue for those affected.

  • Launch COD: Modern Warfare on your PS4 and PS5 from its specific list of games rather than the Cold War interface.

5. Clear the Cache

In some cases, gaming systems may have stored cache files with defective or damaged data, causing the system to believe that the player does not own the multiplayer feature or even the entire game, resulting in it not working.

To resolve this issue, deleting the cache on the gaming system could help. For PS4 and PS5 users, specific instructions can be followed to delete the cache files and potentially fix the problem.

  • Push and hold the power button until you hear a beep. Make sure the PS4 is turned on as you complete this.
  • The LED indicator will finish blinking. Now, take the power cord out of the PS4’s backside.
  • Allow at least 30 seconds for the powerful batteries to totally discharge. All presently cached temporary data will be removed at this point.
  • Reconnect the power cord and switch on the PS4 at this point.

6. Install Missing Multiplayer Data Packs on PS5

If you are unable to play COD Modern Warfare 2 in multiplayer mode, it could be due to missing multiplayer packages. Recent consoles like PS5 usually have these packages included.

To fix this issue, you can install the missing data packs either from inside the game or through the PlayStation Store. Before starting the installation process, ensure that your PS5 console has at least 90GB of free storage available.

  • Start COD: Modern Warfare, then wait until you see the game’s home screen.
  • On your controller, press R3 to access the Manage Installs option.
  • Install the multiplayer data packs by switching to the MODERN WARFARE GAME PACKS tab.
  • Restart your PS5 to determine whether the problem has been resolved after installing the missing data packs.

7. Update the licenses

For PS4 and PS5 users who recently purchased COD Modern Warfare and are experiencing issues with the license discrepancy, this may be the cause of the problem. However, Sony has provided a straightforward solution by allowing its users to update their licenses and inform the company that they own the game.

Even if you are unable to play COD: Modern Warfare’s multiplayer mode, the licensing may be the problem. You’ll need to update your licenses to address this, and you can do that by following these steps.

For PS4:

  • On your console’s home screen, navigate to Settings.
  • Go to Account Management > Restore Licenses after entering Settings. If asked, confirm your decision.
  • When the procedure is finished, wait for the console to reboot.

For PS5:

  • On the home screen’s upper left corner, select Settings.
  • Navigate to Users and Accounts Other Restore Licenses.
  • Next, check to Restore and then confirm your decision in the following prompt box.
  • Wait for the procedure to finish, then restart your PS5.

8. Change Your DNS Address

Altering the default DNS addresses that are provided by your ISP may solve matchmaking issues in COD: Modern Warfare 2. This issue could arise if the DNS servers are down or mistakenly block/filter connections to specific servers.

To solve this problem, consider switching to commonly used DNS servers such as Google’s ( and or Cloudflare’s ( and

9. Reboot the Console

If none of the fixes works for you then rebooting the system is also a fix that can help solve a wide range of problems.

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