Quake Remastered: Cheats & Console Commands

With the increase in popularity of Quake Remastered games, a lot of gamers search for Quake Remastered console commands list. What are these cheats and how to enable and use them? Let’s find it out.

Quake Remastered: How to Enable cheats?

You can activate or open the quake remastered console commands by just pressing the tilde key “~” on your keyboard and on the UK keyboard is on the same key as “#” right next to Return.

However, if you have Xbox Game Pass, you will find that you will have access to Quake on both console and PC. It’s a small file size and is easy to run, so even if you have a non-gaming laptop you should be able to run Quake with relative ease. Once you’ve booted up Quake on your PC, just hit the tilde key to bring up the console command menu. Now let’s outline what codes you need to use.

Quake Remastered Console Commands

For the ease of our users, here’s a list of all the quake remastered cheats & console commands that you can use in the game on PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox platforms. Furthermore, plugging your keyboard into your Xbox or PlayStation won’t do you any good, because even if you do you still won’t be able to use the codes though. 

By using these Quake Remastered cheats, you can enable God Mode, fly mode, get ammo, and much more. So, let’s take a look.

Change Skill Levelskill #-Replace “-” with “0” for Easy, “1” for Normal, “2” for Hard, “3” for Nightmare
Fly Modefly
Give All Itemsgive all
Give All Weaponsgive weapons
Give Armorgive armor
Give Armor Shardgive armor shard
Give Blue Keygive blue key
Give Body Armorgive bodyarmor
Give Max Healthgive H #255
Give Max Ammogive ammo
Give Power Cubegive power cube
Give Power Shieldgive power shield
Give Red Keygive red key
God Modegod
Invisible to Enemiesnotarget
No-Clip Modenoclip

Quake Remastered Console Commands Not Working

If the Quake console commands not working then there might be a probability that you’ve entered the cheats incorrectly. So, make sure that you’ve entered the cheats & console commands accurately. However, you can also try  sv_cheats 1 to unstuck yourself in the game.

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