River City Girls 2: How to get All Blueprint Locations

River City Girls 2 is full of action along with other mysteries as well. Kyoko and Misako can find various collectibles hidden out in River City that can be collected to complete different challenges an earn extra EXP.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where to find River City Girls 2 Blueprints.

Locations of Blueprints

In River City Girls 2 Blueprints are one of the collectibles that Kyoko and Misako can find in different areas of the game. These are well hidden items and they are mostly to be found on higher grounds. So, in order to look for them, players will have to try to reach the higher grounds in the areas to look for them. However, you don’t have to look everywhere in order to search them. We’ll tell you the exact locations of them. There are a total of 4 Blueprints in whole River City 2 which can be found in the following locations.

1.    Blueprint 1 Location

First Blueprint can be found at the start of the game once you have made it to the school (R.C.H.S) area of River City. You need to go to the Auditorium of the School where you will see the teenagers doing their Rehearsals. You need to go up on the stage and jump on the wooden structure on left side to see the Balcony. Jump on the Balcony to get the first Blueprint.

River City Girls 2 Blueprint 1  RCHS School Location

2.    Blueprint 2 Location

The second Blueprint can be found in the Flatiron area. You will have to make your way to the Abandoned Trainyard location in Flatiron area of River City. As you will cross to the right side, you will see a blueprint placed up on the rail. You cannot get it by jumping there, you will have to come through the other side. To get there, go to the right side and go to the next location. You will need to cross the wire fence and then go up on the building on the left side. You will come out through the other side of Abandoned Trainyard. You will have to just jump on the rail to get the second Blueprint.

Blueprint 2 Location Flatiron Area  Abandoned Trianyard -

3.    Blueprint 3 Location

The third Blueprint can be found in the Back Alley location of Downtown area. Once you have unlocked this area, make your way to the Back Alley location and go to the right side. You will see a Blue Sofa in the street and you need to jump in front on the wall and then jump back to get on the wire. Go to the left side by walking on the wire and you will find the third Blueprint on the roof.

Blueprint 3 Back Alley Location in Down Town Area - Blue Sofa

4.    Blueprint 4 Location

The fourth Blueprint can be found in the Food Court location of Crosstown area. The Food Court is on the bottom right of Crosstown area with different types of shops. Make your way to the Food Court and you need to pick up the bench in the Food Court and place it outside of the Shop on the right side near the Exit. Jump on the bench and climb on the ledge of the shop and then jump up again to reach the higher level of the mall. The Blueprint will be on the right side of the platform. Go to right side and you will get the last Blueprint.

Blueprint 4 Location Food Court CrossTown Area.

After getting all the Blueprints, you will complete a challenge named “An Enigmatic Note” and receive some EXP. 

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