River City Girls 2: How to Learn New Moves

River City Girls series is famous for its beat-em up play style and the new sequel to the series of River City Girls is filled with action that will let players take down the goons and bosses in River City in all new way. Players will be able to change the move set as well as learn new moves that will deal high damage to the enemies.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to learn new moves in River City Girls 2.


All the characters in the game have different set of moves and skills which can be triggered in the combat to deal damage to the enemies. The four main moves that characters can do during the combat are the following.

  • Normal
  • Heavy
  • Aerial
  • Special

All of these moves have their own damage output and they can be used strategically to take down the enemies and bosses. Normal attacks do less damage but they are quicker to trigger and can be used to start a great combo. The Heavy attacks do more damage and they can be used in the combo to deal a great damage to the enemies. Aerial attacks are unique and can be used in combo as well and it deals a great amount of damage.  The special attacks deal high damage to the enemies and they also use SP (Green Bar on HUD).

Learning New Moves

Players will start the game with basic moves that deal only starting level of damage but it can be increased by leveling up the character or to buy the new high-level moves. The moves are bought from DOJO shops in the River City and there is one in Winding Way location in Crosstown area of River City. The shop will have an icon of the Karate belt. Interact with the shop door to go inside and you will get to browse through different attacks. Players can only buy those moves for which they are capable. Meaning, they have reached a required level of the move and have enough money to buy them.

 Koyoko crescent kick

Upon selecting the move, it will be learned and added to the Move List app as well from where you can manage your learned moves as well.

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