How to Run Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor

Scans & Checks If Your PC is Ready

One of the best tools available to save lots of effort. Microsoft has designed Windows 7 upgrade advisor that will tell you whether your PC is capable enough to run Windows 7.  This free download will guide you by doing an analysis of your PC and its output will answer whether the PC can be upgraded.

The analysis that the Windows 7 update Advisor runs is by scanning the devices/hardware and the software/currently installed programs on your PC. This will determine if the PC can be upgraded or if there are any potential issues to which it will also provide suggestions.

Upgrade Advisor Windows 7 supports Windows XP and Vista. Windows XP. Users need to download and install additional files as well. To proceed Windows XP users need to run .NET Framework 2.0 or higher and Service Pack 2.

Once you are Set,  Let’s start with Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor!

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Download the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor
Download the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor

Click Here to get the link that will download and install from Windows 7 upgrade advisor webpage to your PC for Free.

Remember to Plug-in all devices(printer/wireless devices) to get full analysis as MS Window 7 Upgrade Advisor will also check the compatibility of these devices with Windows 7.
Launch Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor
Launch Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor

After the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor is installed, launch it from the start menu or desktop, and within a few minutes, the result will be displayed. The result is provided separately for 2 operating systems (32 bit and 64 bit). You can also download the result to avoid running compatibility tests again and again or to send anyone else.
Contents of the report

The report is divided into  3 parts:

  • System Requirements
    Download the Windows 7 Update Advisor
  • Devices
  • Programs

The Green tick shows the files that are available and the ones that can be easily downloaded.

The Yellow icon is a sort of warning which are errors that can be resolved and the Win Upgrade Advisor identifies for you

The Red Cross that can occasionally come indicates an error that is nearly impossible to solve.
Head over to System Requirements box

Click the link “See all System Requirements“. You’ll learn the minimum requirements required for a PC to run Windows 7.  Components of your PC that are good to go will have a green tick with them. While the components that need an upgrade/update will have an alert message along with them.

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Now, It’s Your Turn!

If you have followed these steps and encountered any problems running Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor. If you want further advice on this topic Or in case Windows 7 upgrade advisor not working, Do let us know!

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