What is the Safe GPU Mining Temperature?

Explaining the optimal mining temperature for GPU to get extra hash rate.

What is considered to be the safe GPU mining temperature? How to lower GPU temp while mining? This post will explain these questions.

When mining, GPU consumes more electric power that resulting in more heat. During mining your put 100% load pushing GPU to its limits.

Minning 24×7 does pose serious threats especially when you are running it in high temps. But what exactly is the safe mining temperature of your GPUs.

The major downfall of GPU mining is that you continue reducing its lifespan and voiding its warranty as well. Additionally GPU fans spin at full speed during the mining process so they may fail over time.

What is the Safe GPU Mining Temperature?

As a general rule, the safe GPU temperature while mining is as low as possible.

Practically speaking while mining if GPU temp remains between 60°C to 70°C, it’s a safe zone.

If you can keep mining temps below 60°C it is the ideal situation. At this point, you can get the best hash rate with a stable power supply.

Is there Maximum Temperatures for GPU when Mining?

The maximum GPU mining temperature is 80°C, but you must not reach this temp range for a longer period.

Either maintain ambient room temperature or install a liquid cooler to lower mining temps.

GPU Mining Temperature Chart

For your better understanding, there’s a mining chart explaining the safe, normal, ideal, and max temp that you should always lookout.

GPU Mining TemperatureSafe/ideal/NormalHow Does it Affect Your GPU?
0 – 25°CIdleTurn on your mining rig first!
26 – 45°CIdleIdle mining temps. You are certainly not mining.
46 – 55°CIdeal tempsDid you turn on mining software? GPU is running at its full potential
56 – 71°CSafeGPU is getting an acceptable hash rate at this optimal temps
72 – 79°CStill SafeTemperatures are safe, but the hash rate will decrease slightly. At this point, GPU starts throttling as a safety measure.
80 – 89°CBorderlineYou have entered a maximum GPU mining temp zone. You are damaging your hardware.
90 – 99°CWarningDon’t damage your GPU
100 – 109°CCode RedToo high. Either turn off the mining rig or bear the burnt of overheating.
110+ °CKaboom!You’ve failed. Hope the GPU is the only thing damaged

What is the Ideal VRAM mining temperature?

The normal operational VRAM temperature should be somewhere between 80°C and 95°C. Note that the RTX 3080 and 3090 GPUs will start to thermal throttle at around the 95°C mark.

How To Check GPU Minning Temperature?

If you are running NiceHash Miner or NiceHash OS, simply open the rig tab and read the GPU temperatures there.

In case you don’t prefer NiceHash Miner you can download the temp monitoring tool such as HWMonitor, Speccy, CoreTemp.

These tools are free to download and instantly let you check mining GPU temps.

How To Lower GPU Temp While Mining?

Now that you understand what it means to be the safe GPU mining temperature and how to check it.

Now you need to make sure that while mining temperature doesn’t go beyond the safe limit. Here’s how to lower it:

Increase Fan Speed

Fan plays important role in circulating fresh air inside the rig. You should increase the fan speed but make sure that it doesn’t exceed 75% of the total fan speed.

Mining is a 24×7 process so running fans on 100% may damage fins or ball bearing.

You can download the fan speed controller software in your rig’s OS to change the fan settings.

Install More Fans

If increasing the fan speed doesn’t lower the mining temps of GPU then you should consider adding more fans to your mining rig.

Underclock Your GPU

Try running your GPU at a low power limit i.e. 70-80% total power. Download MSIAfterburner in your rig and in case, it’s not working properly read out outpost.

It’s a fact that no algorithms need 100% power allocation so GPU can perform better at a low power limit.

Change Location of the Rig

Maybe it’s your room that is getting direct sunlight resulting in heat accumulating in it.

Try to change the location of your mining rig and make sure that the room has enough windows, ductwork, box fans, etc.

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