Fixed: MSI Afterburner Greyed Out/Disabled

Why does MSI afterburner grey out the values for voltage, Temp, Core clock, memory clock.

Your MSI Afterburner greyed out and locked all the options, literally disabling you to tweak settings. Now it can’t even change anything even the slider won’t move.

Many users who are new to overclocking or recently started using this tool complain that all MSI Afterburner values are locked. The core voltage, power limit, or fan speed is greyed out

MSI Afterburner is an amazing utility when it comes to checking CPU temp or changing fan PC speed.

This tool offers the finest controls to overclocker for tweaking such core voltage, power limit, framerate, voltage, fans speed, temp, core clock, and FPS counter?


Still a time come when users may face a problem where MSI Afterburner greyed out options. Stick with us to fix this issue.

Why MSI Afterburner Greyed Out the Core Option

The causes that have triggered this problem vary depending upon the GPU model and the machine you are using.

  • Most of the time it’s the GPU manufacturer that has locked all the options to prevent users to tweak settings using third-party software. Instead, they offer their PC hardware monitor such as GPU Tweak from ASUS.
  • The outdated version can also be the cause why you are dealing with greyed out problem. Download MSI Afterburner latest version on your Windows 10/11 PC.
  • Another reason why MSI Afterburner greyed out is because you are using it on Laptop, Tablets, or mobiles. There’s power limit on their installed chips imposed by the manufacturer. You can’t control fan speed on them, however, download HWiNFO64 and it will let you see fixed fan speed.

How To Fix MSI Afterburner Greyed Out Options

Try these fixes.

Fix 1. Enable MSI Afterburner Options

All the monitoring controls and options are disabled because you didn’t activate them till now.

  • Go to Settings
  • Within General Tab select and check box Unlock Voltage Control and Unlock Voltage Monitoring.
  • Click OK and Restart the app.

Now check if the greyed-out options are live or not.

Fix 2. Download The Latest Version

The MSI Afterburner options locked issue can be associated with an outdated software version.

We recommend that you uninstall this app first from your PC completely. Remove the related AppData folder and then download the latest version.

You can also download the latest Beta version which is stable and more advanced.


Fix 3. Run Any Game or Resource Intensive App

If the MSI still won’t show options it is because you haven’t run any game or application that uses your GPU.

This tool only displays core values when you are playing a game that consumes your GPU. So just run an application and open Afterburner then it will display the values.

Fix 4. Change Afterburner’s Theme/Skin

In particular circumstances, the theme/skin also causes the problem so try changing it. A user having GTX 960 confirmed that he changed the theme and everything is now useable.

  • Go to Settings
  • From the top click on User Interface.
  • Under the heading of User Interface Skinning Properties choose skin and click OK.

Fix 5. Reinstall Graphics Card Driver

If the graphics card drivers are corrupted they may prevent MSI Afterburner from accessing key data.


So try to reinstall your GPU drivers using Device Manager. Alternatively, you can download the best driver updater software and let it deal with it automatically.

Fix 6. Check GPU Slot on Motherboard

Is your GPU cable plugged into your video card and your motherboard? Does the GPU properly sits in the slot. Make sure it is fully pushed in and see if it helps

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