The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Cheat Codes

Looking for cheats in The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners? Yes, there are cheats available in the game by modifying a specific ini file. Make sure you have the latest updates of TWD (The Walking Dead) installed, and the game is CLOSED before making any changes.

Cheats for The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners enable you to have unlimited Health, Stamina, Ammo, and other resources. To access these cheats, you must install the cheat engine or trainer for the game.

How to activate Cheats in The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners?

To activate or deactivate the cheats in walking dead: saints and sinners, you need to download the trainer or Cheat engine.

Walking Dead Saints And Sinners Cheat Menu

Here are the available codes for the game “Walking Dead Saints and Sinners” that you can input to enhance your gaming experience. Just keep in mind that the cheats for the PS4 version of the game are not available, and these codes can only be used on PC only by installing the Walking Dead Saints And Sinners cheat engine.

Cheat CodeDescription
Num 1 Infinite Health
Num 2 Infinite Stamina
Num 3No Hunger/No Max Stamina Drop
Num 4 Infinite Ammo
Num 5No Reload
Num 6 Infinite Weapon Durability
Num 7Zombies Can’t Grab Player

Moreover, to get infinite weapons & resources, you need to make sure that these are completed.

  • Infinite Weapon Durability” takes effect when durability decreases.
  • “Infinite Resources” only works for resources you already own (you must have at least 1 or more of the resources).


Is The Walking Dead Saints And Sinners Multiplayer?

The multiplayer game, “The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners,” is a first-person shooter and survival horror experience. Play with up to 4-8 friends or other players, communicating through in-game chat or voice chat to determine who is the “Sinner.” In this thriller-themed game, deceit and false accusations are rampant.

Is Saints And Sinners A Hard Game?

Playing the game requires a strong constitution for violence and fear. Every time I miss a shot and only wound a zombie, causing its companions to come after me, my heart races with adrenaline.

Walking Dead Saints And Sinners Sinner Mode Oculus Quest 2

To activate the “Walking Dead Saints and Sinners Sinner Mode” cheat on your PC, you’ll need to have the “Meat Grinder Edition” installed through Oculus or Steam. Once installed, start the game and go to the pause menu, then select the “Cheats” option.

Using the cheats will disable your achievements. So, if you save the game while enabling the cheats then whatever you unlock, it’ll be disabled.

If you still can’t understand how you can enable sinner mode in Walking Dead Saints And Sinners, then you can watch this video.

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