Total War: Warhammer III Console Commands and Cheat Codes

Install Mod to use cheats & console commands in the game.

Looking for Total War: Warhammer III Console Commands to enhance your gameplay? Enabling cheats and console commands can improve your gaming experience.

Discover the verified list of Total War: Warhammer cheat codes and unlockables with tips for Creative Assembly’s turn-based strategy game in this article.

Can you cheat in Warhammer 3?

No, there aren’t any official cheats & console commands that you can use in the game. However, you can use cheats by downloading & installing the mod. This Total War: Warhammer 3 trainer has over 18 cheats and supports Steam and Epic Games. Cheat in this game and more with the WeMod app.

How to Use Cheats in Warhammer 3?

To use cheats in Total War: Warhammer 3, you need to install the mod. Installation of mods for Total War: Warhammer 3 is extremely simple and can be described in a few steps.

  • Open up Steam and go to the game tab.
  • Next, open the “Workshop” tab and search for the modification you are interested in (in this case, Console Commands, which can be found here).
  • Open the mod’s page and click on the “Subscribe” button.
  • The modification will automatically download and install. The next time you launch the game, you should be able to use it.

Total War Warhammer 3 Cheat Engine

In order to use the above cheat codes, first download and install the cheat engine. Then activate the trainer option for the cheat you want to activate and set their values from 0 to 1. Once you do, restart the game. Download FearLess Cheat Engine via STN from here to use the Warhammer 3 cheat codes.

Total War Warhammer 3 Cheat Codes & Console Commands

Console commands in the game allow you to use various commands, including boosting your income, removing heroes, changing province affiliations, and more. Here is a comprehensive list of commands curated by the game’s creators, with the most useful ones highlighted in bold.

  • give gold number – gives number of gold to the player (can also be negative), if you have a settlement selected it will give gold to the faction owning the settlement.
  • give gold – gives 50000 gold to the player, same as above for factions.
  • fow on – fog of war on.
  • fff – fog of war off.
  • am – restore selected chararacter’s movement points.
  • mov – gives the selected character a buff with bonus movement points.
  • mov off – removes the buff with bonus movement points from the selected character (and switch your army stance after to reset your movement).
  • au unit_key number – add number of units with unit_key to selected army.
  • au unit_key – add unit with unit_key to selected army.
  • add axp number – add number of ranks to all units of selected army.
  • add axp – add 1 rank to all units of selected army.
  • add xp number – add number of xp points to the selected character, unembedded heroes to give them xp.
  • primary number – set primary slot level of selected region to number.
  • primary – set primary slot level of selected region to max.
  • region – gives 1000 growth, 1000 horde growth and 1 turn build speed to all player regions.
  • region off – turns off region.
  • gr – gives the player ownership of the selected region.
  • gr faction_key – gives faction_key ownership of the selected region, if a faction has no regions or armies on the map you can’t give them a region, spawn them an army first.
  • abandon – makes the selected region be abandoned.
  • kill – kills (or wounds if immortal) the selected character and his army.
  • technology – gives the player 2000% research speed.
  • technology number – gives the player number% research speed (can also be negative).
  • technology off – removes the technology bonuses.
  • global rec number – changes the player’s global recruitment time by number of turns (use negative value to lower).
  • global rec off – remove the global recruitment time bonuses.
  • heal number – sets health of each unit in the selected army to number, that is between 0-100.
  • to_pool agent_key agent_subtype_key – adds a lord to the player faction recruit pool, the name will be blank and the character won’t be immortal, cross-race stuff won’t work without table adjustments, see link to my mod below for Lords.
  • item ancillary_key – gives the player ancillary (item characters can equip), list of keys[], giving mounts won’t work, some items are culture-locked.
  • tele – first select a character, then select another character or a settlement as a teleport target, after that typing tele will teleport the character.
  • at trait_key – adds a trait to the selected character, e.g. add trait wh2_dlc09_trait_defeated_settra.
  • at trait_key points – for traits with multiple levels.
  • rt trait_key – removes a trait.
  • spawn subtype faction_key units – spawns an army next to selected character or settlement, use one of the general subtypes[], faction_key and units are optional.
  • shroud2 – switches the fog of war on the whole map to the “second stage” where you can see city ownership but cannot see armies, I think it looks a lot nicer, BUT YOU CAN ONLY TURN IT OFF by loading a save before this command.
  • kill2 – like kill but doesn’t kill the army so the army gets a new commander.
  • killc – like kill but kills the character permanently.
  • killc2 – like killc but doesn’t kill the army.
  • agent_type agent_subtype – spawns an agent near selected character or settlement, you can’t spawn legendary heroes with this, agent_subtype is optional, e.g. “agent dignitary”, “agent champion wh2_main_hef_noble”.
  • bb building_key – builds this building in the selected settlement, you need an empty building slot, for horde buildings use bbf.
  • bbf building_key – builds this building in the selected horde.
  • prg – combines the commands: primary, region and give gold because I use them a lot together.
  • ancies – gives your faction a bunch of High Elf ancillaries, I needed this when testing something, only works for High Elves.
  • cinv – starts the end game chaos invasion.
  • cinv2 – starts the mid-game chaos invasion.
  • aa ancillary_key – adds ancillary to selected character (short for add ancillary).
  • reset skills – resets skill points of selected character so you can respec him.
  • remove skill skill_key – unallocates a single skill point from character skills only (no innate skills like Knowledgeable, Disciplined).
  • export map – will create a map_out.json file in your WH2 Steam folder, you can import that into tww-interactive-map.
  • show mp – shows the “Load map.json” button that is in my Map Painter mod, it’s usually hidden past turn 1.
  • show css – shows the “Change Starting Settlement” button that is in my Change Starting Settlement mod, it’s usually hidden past turn 1.
  • under slot_set – add a foreign slot set (undercity) to the selected region.
  • runder – remove undercities from selected region, removes them all, I can’t target a specific undercity.
  • eb eb_key, reb eb_key – to add and remove effect bundles from a region or a character, depending on what’s selected ingame.
  • feb eb_key, rfeb eb_key – to add and remove a faction effect bundle, to the player faction if a region isn’t selected or to the owner of the selected region.
  • ingred ingredient_key – unlock a cooking ingredient for the player faction or the faction that owns the currently selected settlement.
  • unlock boris – unlocks boris when playing as a kislev faction.
  • legend agent_key – spawn a legendary lord/hero for the player faction, or if a region is selected for the faction that owns that region.
  • alliance – make a military alliance with the owner of the currently selected settlement or character.
  • peace – make peace with the owner of the currently selected settlement or character.
  • trade – make a trade agreement with the owner of the currently selected settlement or character.
  • confederate – confederate the owner of the currently selected settlement or character.
  • war – starts a war between the player and the owner of the currently selected settlement or character.
  • vassal- some thing as above.
  • milaccess – military access.
  • defalliance – defensive alliance.
  • alliance2, peace2, trade2, confederate2, war2, vassal2, milaccess2, defalliance2 – same thing as the commands above but can target any 2 factions, and not necessarily involve the player faction, so the way it works: select first region, select second region, type the command (for example war2).
  • res pooled_res_key number – add number of a pooled_res_key to the player faction (can be negative), look in the discussion thread for a list of keys.
  • hef_inf number – gives the player a faction buff that gives number of High Elf influence per turn, can be negative.
  • hef_inf off – removes the High Elf influence bonuses.
  • give slaves number – gives number of slaves to the player faction, it gives 10000 slaves if used without a number.
  • other_res number – way to change chivalry, type other_res number to adjust how much you get those every turn, you don’t need to specify the resource name here.


How do you Unlock the Secret in Lord Warhammer 3?

To unlock Tzar Boris Bokha as a playable legendary lord, you need to complete the Frozen Falls quest battle. To access this battle, you will need to play a campaign as either Tzarina Katarin or Kostaltyn. We recommend Katarin as she starts with an advantage.

How do you Unlock Belakor in Warhammer 3?

Be’lakor can be unlocked by completing the Realm of Chaos narrative campaign. This is achieved by collecting all four Daemon Souls from the Realms of Khorne, Tzeentch, Nurgle, and Slaanesh, before defeating Be’lakor in a climactic final Survival Battle.

How do you Seduce Units in Warhammer 3?

To seduce units in Warhammer 3, a player has enough favor saved up, usually at least 2000, and they will be able to seduce units in an enemy army by spending said to favor. Seducing these units will bring them to the player’s side.

This is a very underrated feature, and if used properly, can completely change the tide of a battle.

How do you Increase Unit Size in Warhammer 3?

To change the unit size, you only need to access the settings menu. Changing these settings will not affect your current playthrough. You need to start a new campaign for the new unit size to take effect.

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