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Verify if the email address is really existing or not
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Apr 26, 2014
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Verify if the email address is really existing or not

Email Checker Basic is a free tool that let you check and verify whether the email address is valid (format or syntax) and really exists on the corresponding email server without sending in SINGLE mode. Usually, it is used to maintain a clean email list.

Download Email Checker Basic’s latest version 1.0 offline installer setup for Windows 10Windows 8.1Windows 7Windows Vista & Windows XP PC. You can install File & Folder Lister on your 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. Click to grab the full version from our fast and secure downloading server for free.

Email Checker Basic Download

Email Checker Basic is a very easy-to-use tool. Just input/paste the email address and press Enter, the result will show soon. The result contains the status (OK/BAD), description, and interaction between Email Checker Basic and the email server.

Why would you need an email checker? Usually, users need to check and verify the validity and existence of their mailing list for the following reasons. They need to reduce management costs, reduce the number of failed and bounce messages such as “this user does not exist, doesn’t have a XXX account), or avoid email service providers disabling your mailbox due to sending too many failed emails.

Why do I have invalid or nonexistent email addresses?

The following reasons will cause invalid or nonexistent email addresses. You need to check them before sending them.

  • The email account had been deleted from the server by the administrator (expired or illegal operations).
  • Your contact had left.
  • You collected a nonexistent or invalid email address (such as your visitor submitting a wrong email address when subscribing to your newsletter, maybe unintentionally or intentionally).

Simple User Interface

The user interface is quite simple having a single search bar in the center that you can use easily. Just enter the email address and press Enter, and it will start checking the validity of the email address.

Key Features

  • Easy to use.
  • Check the validity and existence of both.
  • Verify whether the email address really exists on the email server without sending it.
  • Tell you the interaction between Email Checker Basic and the destination email Server.
  • Tell you the description (reason) of the result.
  • Filtered a few unsupported email servers to avoid the wrong result.

Email Checker Basic Latest Version 1.0 Update

Updated to the latest version 1.0