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June 17, 2008
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Mozilla Firefox 3.0 is a Firefox web browser launched by the Mozilla Corporation on June 17, 2008. Firefox 3.0 shows web pages with Gecko layout engine version 1.9. In contrast to Firefox 2.0, this release addresses many issues, improves standards and compatibility, and adds many new web APIs.

Mozilla’s Firefox 3 is a beta prototype variant of the Firefox web browser, including many improvements that were done to increase stability and web compatibility, as well as to enhance user interface and speed. Now an icon at the left of the address bar is available so you can authenticate the site owner’s identification, if available.

Firefox now includes malware prevention, alerting users when they visit sites that have been recorded to install malware, such as viruses, spyware, and trojans. It also does not show the information on questionable pages.

Firefox 3 improves plugin maintenance by checking in new plugins and deleting previous versions. If you download the executable files, it now connects with your antivirus program, while some cookies are restricted. It now offers download resume capabilities with an improved download manager. Its overall visuals have been marginally increased, with the addition of some new icons.

Mozilla Firefox 3’s UI is now much easy to adaption. This version collaborates with Personas, Firefox’s theme collection, allowing you to adopt innovative Firefox themes to your browser, both with a single mouse click. Furthermore, you can preview them in the browser before installing them by dragging your mouse to the theme’s name.

An eye-catching new feature for Mozilla Firefox 3 users is the native support to play videos in full-screen mode by using the HTML5 ‘video’ tag. So, for converting the browser into a media player, you can right-click on the video and select “Full screen.” In addition, Mozilla Firefox 3 has introduced a new online service called Plugin Check, which allows you to find new and useful updates for your plugins.

Mozilla Firefox 3 incorporates the current edition of the Gecko engine and better Java performance in terms of performance and stability. These two components are intended to make speedy web browsing.

Mozilla Firefox 3 maintains its consistent growth by adding fascinating new features and enhancements in its recent release. Overall, there are numerous new features in Mozilla Firefox 3, making it more outstanding than previous editions, but they do give a better user engagement in user-friendliness, flexibility, and functionality.

Mozilla Firefox Latest Version 3.0 Update

Fixed some bugs.

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Version Size Requirements Date
120.0.1 (32/64bit PC) 54.9 MB - 57.4 MB Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 14/12/2023

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