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Sep 03, 2019
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After staying for a long time in its beta program, the winner of the European Commission UR Browser came out with a public release of a stable version that aimed at protecting your online data.

The Built-in Virus Scanner makes you safe from malware attacks. The team is small that causes developments to be much slower.

Download UR Browser Free latest version for Windows & Mac PC. This offline installer setup of UR Browser will work for both 32-bit or 64-bit versions of Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP & macOS.

Download UR Browser for Ultimate Security for Windows PC

Remaining secure has become the user’s utmost importance in recent times and it’s UR browser’s prime focus as well. All browsers seem to advance towards providing VPN services, and ad-blockers.

Although many users are unaware of its usage, they will still get these useful features in UR browser as well. Having them built-in offers many advantages over buggy add-ons.

The built-in VPN feature in the browser makes you anonymous by shifting your location to somewhere else in the world. You gain anonymity against websites that track your online presence.

To block the trackers, 3rd party cookies are also blocked. To keep away from the hassle of shifting between windows, you can now use private tabs along with simple ones. Additionally, you won’t have to type web addresses again as the browser

UR Browser Virus Scanner

You get a virus scanner as well that will automatically scan for viruses and malware in downloaded files. Alerts are also generated when a website that’s potentially suspectable for phishing, malware, and fake news.

Your data is now more secured. To achieve it, the RSA key size has been doubled. UR Browser is chromium-based, and every chromium-based browser usually reports back to Google. UR browser’s structure doesn’t allow this to happen.

Customizable Free Browser

As it is chromium-based, you can customize it in many ways using all the add-ons and themes that best suit you. You can customize it according to your taste and personalize it in various ways.

Choosing a default search engine, custom wallpapers, enabling/disabling built-in tools like the virus scanner.UR Browser, a new competition to Chrome, Safari, Opera, and other well-known browsers has to make its technologies better for tighter security to get along with these browsers.

Overall, UR browser is a handy browser that provides extra security along with additional features that are still under development.

UR Browser Latest Version Update

Updated to version 3.5.7 on Sep 03, 2019