Blacktail – How Fast Traveling Works

Blacktail is an adventure game and there are many elements and mechanics in the game that Yaga will have to learn which will benefit her throughout the game. One of the main mechanics of the game is Fast Traveling that can take Yara back to the Hut, even if she is far and deep in the Black Forest.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how fast traveling works in Blacktail.

How Fast Travel Works in Blacktail

Fast Traveling in Blacktail is not similar with other games that has fast traveling where you can jump around the map whenever you want. It has a bit of different mechanics and a bit of limitations to it. Fast Traveling is unlocked when you get through the start of the game and start finding the Black Cat at different Shrines’ locations or Campfires’ location. Fast Traveling can only be done by interacting with the Black Cat. However, you will not be able to select the destination on the map and the Cat will take you directly back to the Hut.

fast traveling around map

In some way it is helpful, like if you have found the resources or Lost Page for the Skill you want to unlock and you are pretty far from the hut. You can find a Cat at the Campfire or at the Shrine location to interact with it and go directly to the Hut.

Mark A Save Point

After getting back to the Hut, you will also find the Black Cat in the Hut that can take you to the current Save Points. To get the Save Point, you will have to place the Red Herb at the Shrine to activate the Save point. After that, you can interact with the cat to go back to the hut to unlock skills or other things and when you are ready to go back, just simply interact with the Cat to go back to the save point.

shrine save point

It is a great technique to gather the resources and upgrade the skills because you can search an area for the resources and then make a save point at the shrine and then go back to the hut to craft the skill. After that, you can come back to the area to continue the grind again.

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