Blacktail – How Shrines of Black Forest Work

Blacktail has many elements and mechanics in the game that Yaga will have to learn which will benefit her throughout the game. One of the main elements of the game is shrines which are spread across the Black Forest and they can be used by visiting them.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how Shrines of Black Forest work in Blacktail.

What are Shrines

Shrines are locations on the maps that can be visited at any time while exploring or even progressing through the main storyline of the game. The Shrines are shaped like Kites made with Stones and Wood. If you go close to the Shrine, you will see it shining, almost telling you to interact with it. Well, you should interact with it because it is one of the key elements that can save your progress in the game.

However, the game also has its own checkpoints in the game, but they will only trigger by passing through a certain point of the game. If you are exploring and gathering the resources for your journey, then you should consider visiting a Shrine to save your progress. Whenever you die during the journey, you will get to play again with all the gathered resources so, whenever you see a shrine during exploring or completing a main quest of the story, interact with the shrine to save the progress.

How Shrine Works

If you are visiting the Shrine for the first time, you will get a tutorial on how to activate the Shrine. You cannot simply save your progress by interacting with it, you will have to place a specific flower on the shrine. The flower that you need to place on the Shrine is called Red Herb and it can be found very easily throughout the Black Forest but in some areas, it is very rare.

At the start of the game, when you visit the first shrine, you will find the Red Herb close to it. Interact with the Red Herb to collect it and then go to the Shrine to interact with it which will consume 1 Red Herb from your inventory and Yaga will place the Red Herb at the Shrine, making the game to save your current progress.

Red herbs on shrines

Manage Red Herbs

Since the Red Herbs are not only used at the shrines but are also used as a crafting material to craft other items of need. They are used in crafting of Antidotes that cure Poison and they are also used to Brew Potions as well for unlocking Skills. So, you will have to search for them from time to time and you will only be able to store 8 Red Herbs at the start of the game.

After making certain progress in the game, you will get to unlock a Skill called “Deep Pockets” which will let you carry more resources including Red Herbs. With the skill equipped, you will be able to hold 16 Red Herbs in total making it a lot easier for you to save progress throughout your exploration and journey as well as crafting.

red herbs
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