How to Defeat Shade of Slavitza in Blacktail – Boss Fight


Blacktail is set in the Black Forest of the infamous Witch in the Woods and the forest is filled with all kinds of dark creatures that will hunt down Yaga. As players progress through the story of the game, they will get to fight many different bosses and one of the late bosses in the game that Yaga get to fight is Shade of Dragoy.

In this guide, we’ll explain you how you can defeat Shade of Slavitza in Blacktail.

Shade of Slavitza Boss Fight – Location

Shade of Slaviitza is a Lost Spirit of Yaga’s friend named “Slavitza” like Dragoy. After unlocking the second area of the Forest, you will get to go on the rocky path but get interrupted by the Stone. You will have to solve a little puzzle of stone to move him out of the way. After solving the puzzle, you will get to continue on Rocky Path, where will you see Slavitza’s Spirit. She will take you to the Spirit Doll and by interacting with the doll, you will get to same memory as Drragoy.

shade of slavitza location

After that, you need to follow her by Shooting the Arrows through the Old Gods’ Symbols. Once you are down on the ground, follow her on the path to reach an area with a Giant Tree in the middle. There will also be a shrine before the area so, interact with the Shrine to save the progress and go into the area in front to start the boss fight.


How to Defeat Shade of Slavitza

Shade of Slavitza is an afraid Lost Spirit who will run around in the boss fight and it is almost impossible to hit her with the arrows while she is running around. However, the Lost Spirit can be lured by taking down the Boboks. Boboks are enigmatic creatures who have eyes and ears all over the forest so you might have seen them in your journey before and the Lost Spirit has the habit to mourn on them when they are shot down.

There will be several Boboks in the area with shining eyes. Instead of shooting Slavitza, shoot down Boboks one at a time. Every Bobok you take down will stop Slavitza at its position. When Slavitza stops, hit her with the charged shots to deal damage to her. Once you have depleted almost half of her health, Slavitza will get inside of a giant tree and take control of it. she will strike down the Branches of the Tree at your position.

fight shade of slavitza

The Branches can be easily dodged by using the dodge ability as well as just moving out of the way. When she attacks with branches, you will see a purple fog in the air. It indicates the position where the branches will strike. Get out of under the fog to dodge the attack and you will see Glowing Eyes on the branches when they strike down. It will take a few moments before they go up again. You need to shoot at the Glowing Eyes to deal damage to Slavitza. Shoot at all of the Glowing Eyes to deal maximum amount of damage.

As you strike down the Glowing Eyes, the tree will begin to release the poisonous gas that will deal damage to you overtime. So, move away from the gas and hide behind one of the rocks in the area to dodge the poisonous gas attack. It will repeat the attacks so, after taking down the eyes on the branches that strikes on the ground. Look up to see more eyes on other branches. You will have to hold down the aim for ranged attacks. Shoot the eyes one by one to deplete Slavitza’s HP. After you have taken down the eyes on the branch, she will release the blue creatures from the sky which drops crystal when they die.

slavitza sky attack

So, when it shoots the creatures on the ground, take cover to dodge the attack and then take out the creatures by shooting arrow or just by dashing into them. Take down the rest of the Golden Eyes on the roots to kill Shade of Slavitza which will reveal another story section.

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